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Djibouti Telecom Modernizes Fixed Broadband Network with Alepo BSS/OSS Upgrade

Djibouti Telecom recently renewed its partnership with Alepo by adapting the latest version of Alepo’s Service Enabler (SE), a complete carrier-grade BSS/OSS framework, in order to achieve more rapid service innovation and broader customer care capabilities.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015, Austin, TX – Alepo,, a leading provider of network and IT software solutions for global communications service providers, today announced that its longstanding client Djibouti Telecom has decided to upgrade to the latest version of Alepo’s Service Enabler in order to deliver more advanced and flexible data offers to its rapidly growing subscriber base while achieving a significant reduction in OPEX.

The upgrade of its BSS/OSS environment will afford Djibouti Telecom greater operational efficiency and facilitate better tools for retaining existing customers and adding more customers. With Alepo SE, Djibouti Telecom gains real-time capabilities, such as the ability to enforce bandwidth policies and to offer features like “Bandwidth on Demand” to customers. What more, the upgrade will also help Djibouti Telecom make seamless offerings of discounts, promotions and communications via SMS, email in order to engage customers. The new functions in Alepo SE will help in greatly enhancing Djibouti’s capability to gain and retain subscribers.

“We are glad to be continuing our strong partnership with Alepo,” said Mohamed Assoweh Bouh, CEO at Djibouti Telecom. “We were looking for a partner that could deploy the right solution to help us achieve improved interoperability and a smooth customer experience, and Alepo does just that. With its extensive experience in the telecom market, Alepo has been phenomenal in helping us evolve in the market of ADSL services.”

Alepo has a proven track record of helping companies like Djibouti Telecom to deliver superior customer experience with its advanced BSS/OSS framework, Service Enabler.

“We are proud of our continuing relationship with one of the market leader-Djibouti Telecom,” said Dan Stern, VP of Sales at Alepo. “With core values of constant innovation and customer satisfaction, Alepo strives to stay at the forefront of telecommunications technologies.”

About Djibouti Telecom

Djibouti Telecom SA is the primary telecommunications company of Djibouti, providing landline, mobile and Internet services. The company is headquartered in Djibouti City, Djibouti. Djibouti Telecom was founded in 1999 and has ever since established itself as a regional hub responsible for delivering a complete portfolio of voice, data/IP and capacity services over state-of-the-art network infrastructure that reaches out to eastern and southern Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Djibouti Telecom is now the leading strategic hub for international telecommunications services in East Africa.

About Alepo

With LTE on the Horizon, Tishknet Iraq Expands its Alepo Partnership to Support Existing WiMAX Services

Tishknet Iraq previously penned an LTE agreement with Alepo for a complete policy and charging solution plus CRM. Recently, Tishknet expanded the scope of the Alepo solution to provide immediate support for Tishknet’s existing WiMAX services as well as Tishknet’s highly anticipated LTE services upon launch.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015, Austin, TX – Alepo,, a leading provider of network and IT software solutions for global communications service providers, announced today that Tishknet, a leading 4G service provider in the Middle East, has extended its Alepo policy, charging and CRM solution to provide support for its existing WiMAX services in addition to its future LTE network. The announcement follows a partnership agreement signed earlier this year between Tishknet and Alepo for a complete LTE core network.

With this project expansion, Tishknet has implemented a single core network and IT solution for both WiMAX and LTE services, significantly reducing capital and operational expenses related to its evolving 4G portfolio. This convergent solution affords Tishknet immediate upgrades in capacity and performance on its WiMAX network while also laying the foundation for the service provider’s highly anticipated LTE launch. With it, Tishknet will be able to make a more gradual transition from WiMAX to LTE or alternatively, to support both technologies concurrently or across different markets.

Alepo’s solution has helped Tishknet in the creation and delivery of innovative services that heighten the customer experience. Tishknet’s commitment to customer satisfaction has been strongly embedded in the company values since creation and listening to the voice of customers, fulfilling their needs and expectations is the key to the company’s growing success in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Dan Stern, VP of Sales at Alepo, commented on the evolution from WiMAX to LTE.

“We work closely with many service providers that are planning a gradual transition from WiMAX to LTE. The ability to reuse infrastructure in a convergent environment and to gracefully migrate from one technology to another are two critical factors of a successful and efficient transition,” he said.

Tishknet selected the Alepo solution as an expansion to its existing LTE partnership with Alepo. For Tishknet’s LTE network, Alepo will provide a complete “LTE in a Box” solution, which features Alepo’s Policy and Charging Control (PCRF and OCS) and Alepo Service Enabler (CRM, BSS / OSS). This pre-integrated solution enables a rapid and more cost-effective launch of new LTE services, end to end.

“Iraqi Kurdistan is an area of rapid growth, with customers increasingly looking for faster, more personalized services,” said Rasty Mazhar, CTO of Tishknet. “With Alepo’s convergent solutions, we are best positioned to deliver innovative services today and into the future as technologies and market trends evolve.”

About Tishket

Tishknet is a leading communications provider in Iraqi Kurdistan.  Established in 2011, Tishknet has been providing 4G Wimax services throughout the region since its launch.  Now expanding into LTE, the company is dedicated to serving the diverse customer base of this growing market and is actively expanding its service nationwide.

About Alepo

Alepo Lands LTE Charging and Billing Deal with Ivory Coast’s VIPNET

As Ivory Coast embraces a new era of digital technologies, Alepo announces a partnership with VIPNET to provide a complete BSS/OSS framework, including charging and billing, for the upcoming LTE network. The new 4G LTE service launch by VIPNET will give a major boost to Ivory Coast’s digital revolution.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015, Austin, TX – Alepo,, a leading provider of network and IT software solutions for global communications service providers, announced a new agreement with VIPNET, a major internet service provider in Ivory Coast, to support its launch of a new 4G LTE network. As part of the deployment, VIPNET will leverage Alepo’s Service Enabler 9 (SE)– a complete BSS/OSS framework that spans CRM, charging and billing, and customer experience management.

VIPNET cited the need for advanced mobile broadband speeds to increase data ARPU as a main driver behind the LTE project. With a complete Alepo charging and billing core, VIPNET will be able to readily deliver, manage, and monetize 4G LTE services, upon launch and as those services and market demands evolve. Alepo’s Convergent Charging and Billing platform readily enables advanced LTE use cases including data rollover, application-based charging, shared and family plans, and many others, giving operators like VIPNET the ability to differentiate its business and stand apart in the emerging LTE marketplace.

“VIPNET is committed to the advancement of digital technology and keeping pace with the latest technology trends to exceed the customers’ expectations in Ivory Coast. Thanks to Alepo’s vast expertise in 4G LTE core infrastructure, we are able to make that commitment a reality,” said Ahmed Chérif, CEO at VIPNET Ivory Coast.

While Ivory Coast’s internet and broadband sectors remain largely underdeveloped, the government of Ivory Coast has started creating awareness about digital technology so that a greater number of citizens adopt internet connectivity. With the new 4G LTE launch by VIPNET Ivory Coast is expected to move fast to reduce its digital divide.

“We are proud to be supporting VIPNET as they embark on a path to implement LTE and are confident that our solution provides them with the tools necessary to rapidly expand customer base and increase market share in Ivory Coast,” said Dan Stern, VP of Sales at Alepo.

Alepo’s partnership with VIPNET underscores the technology vendor’s focus on the West Africa region as an area with tremendous growth potential for evolved wireless broadband technologies, including LTE and Wi-Fi. In addition to VIPNET, Alepo recently announced LTE deployments with Ghanian operators BLU Telecommunications and ZIPNET. Alepo has major communications service provider customers across the region, including Mali, Niger, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, and Conakry.



Founded in 1999, VIPNET is a leading internet service provider in Ivory Coast. The operator provides ADSL and Wi-Fi services in Ivory Coast. The business portfolio covers telecommunications and related services for residential customers, SMEs, NGOs, governments, international companies and institutions.


About Alepo

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