AAA Infrastructure

Optimize your network performance with Alepo’s Carrier-Grade AAA – an industry-leading solution built for wireline, WiFi, and 3GPP mobile networks alike.

Optimize Performance

Take your network to the highest levels of signaling speed, capacity, and five 9’s availability.

Reduce Signaling Noise

Gain network capacity by eliminating non-productive signaling traffic on your network. Alepo’s AAA has built-in intelligence to handle signaling “noise” caused by authentication failure loops, non-human traffic, and malicious activity.

Recover Faster from Outages, Network Failures

Downtime sucks. Recover from network failures and power outages within minutes—not hours—with the Alepo AAA’s automatic self-healing capabilities.

Case Study: Recovery Time at BCL Gets 6X Faster with Alepo AAA

Keep Services Online with Emergency Mode

No database connectivity, no problem. The Alepo AAA works in Emergency Mode if database connectivity is lost, preventing service disruption and revenue leakage while you resolve the issue.

Connect All Networks

Deployed in fixed, mobile, and WiFi networks at Tier 1 operators worldwide, Alepo’s AAA performs highly across diverse and convergent network environments.

Converge Multiple Access Networks

Streamline your operations, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), and deliver convergent services with a single Alepo AAA platform – the only AAA you’ll ever need.

  • Fixed: xDSL, FTTx, Cable
  • Wireless: WiFi, WiMAX
  • Mobile: 3G, LTE, EVDO, HSPA

Case Study: ETB Colombia Transforms Fixed Broadband with Alepo AAA

Launch WiFi Calling & WiFi Offload

Realize the latest WiFi Calling, seamless WiFi Offload, M2M, and other emerging mobile use cases with confidence and trust. Alepo’s AAA is 3GPP compliant and supports –

  • WiFi Calling (SWm, S6b)
  • WiFi Offload (SWx, EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA)
  • Real-Time Charging (DCCA)

Monetize WiFi Hotspot Services

Unlock a new revenue stream with a carrier-grade WiFi hotspot business model. Alepo’s AAA, as part of a complete Alepo WiFi Hotspot solution, supports:

  • Prepaid charging with zero leakage
  • Dynamic redirect to a captive portal
  • Location-based services and offers
  • WiFi partner and reseller management
  • Cloud-based WiFi hotspot management


Get Real-Time Policy Control

Launch prepaid plans with zero revenue leakage, deliver bandwidth on demand, and communicate with customers in real time. It’s all possible with real-time policy control in the Alepo AAA.

Real-Time Quota Management

Launch or expand your prepaid internet services with the assurance of zero revenue leakage. Real-time quota management in the Alepo AAA gives you online charging abilities, based on time, volume, and events.

Create a Modern Customer Experience with Mid-Session Policy Changes

Instantly push service changes and policies to your subscribers without requiring them to disconnect or reset their connections. With mid-session policy changes, the Alepo AAA can push new policies whenever a customer –

  • Buys a turbo boost bandwidth speed
  • Exceeds your fair use policy
  • Refills a prepaid account balance

Dynamically Redirect (Hotline) Customers

Take the modern customer experience even further with dynamic redirection capabilities. Examples include:

  • When a user connects to a WiFi Hotspot, she is automatically redirected to a purchase portal.
  • When a prepaid user’s balance reaches zero, immediately redirect him to a recharge portal.
  • When a user is unable to connect to the network, redirect her to a help page with troubleshooting instructions.
  • When a user with an overdue invoice connects, redirect him to a dunning notification center.


Experience Best of Breeds

Discover why the world’s top communications service providers, including Saudi Telecom, Digicel, and Ooredoo, choose the Alepo AAA for their businesses.

High Capacity

Support millions of subscribers while remaining a highly responsive system with industry-leading transactions per second (TPS) benchmarks and sub-millisecond latency.

Case Study: Saudi Telecom Triples Performance Capacity with Alepo’s AAA

High Extensibility

Write, test, and implement new business rules with ease. Custom scripting in Alepo’s AAA enables you to meet new business requirements quickly, without touching the source code.

Cloud Ready

Public, private, or a hybrid cloud model, you can achieve stellar network performance and a rapid deployment with Alepo’s cloud-ready solution.

Vendor Neutrality

Avoid being locked to a single vendor and build a blend of best-of-breed network elements. Alepo’s AAA is vendor neutral and boasts a decade of successful IOT with leading industry players.

Endless Scalability

Alepo’s AAA grows as your business grows with endless horizontal scalability.

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