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Carrier-Grade AAA Server

Optimize your network performance with Alepo’s Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (AAA server) – an industry-leading framework built for wireline, WiFi, and 3GPP mobile networks alike.

Optimize Performance

Take your network to the highest levels of signaling speed, capacity, and five-nines availability.

Reduce Signaling Noise

Gain network capacity by eliminating non-productive signaling traffic on your network. Alepo’s 3GPP AAA server has built-in intelligence to handle signaling noise caused by user authentication failure loops, non-human traffic, and malicious activity.

Recover Faster from Outages, Network Failures

Downtime sucks. Recover from network failures and power outages within minutes—not hours—with the Alepo AAA server’s automatic self-healing capabilities.

Keep Services Online with Emergency Mode

No database connectivity? No problem. Alepo Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (AAA) works in emergency mode if database connectivity is lost. While you work on resolving the issue, it prevents service disruption for authenticated users and revenue leakage from missed accounting.

Enhance Configuration Management

All configuration changes are updated across AAA nodes using centralized configuration management, ensuring improved operational efficiency, accelerated configurations, and fewer errors.

Integrate with a Proven API Gateway

Ensure smooth AAA transformation/migration without impacting existing IT systems with a proven and scalable integration framework for provisioning using the API Gateway module.

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AAA server provider

Connect All Networks

Deployed in fixed, mobile, and WiFi networks at Tier 1 operators worldwide, Alepo’s dual-stack RADIUS and Diameter 3GPP AAA server performs highly across diverse and convergent network environments.

Converge Multiple Access Networks

Streamline your operations, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), and deliver convergent services with a single Alepo AAA portal – the only AAA you’ll ever need.

  • Fixed: xDSL, FTTx, Cable
  • Wireless: WiFi, WiMAX
  • Mobile: 3G, LTE, EVDO, HSPA, 5G

Launch WiFi Calling & WiFi Offload

Realize the latest WiFi calling, seamless WiFi offload, M2M, and other emerging mobile use cases with confidence and trust. Alepo’s AAA is 3GPP compliant and supports:

  • WiFi offload (SWx, SWa, EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA, EAP-AKA’)
  • WiFi calling (SWm, S6b, STa)
  • Real-time charging (DCCA, Ro)

Monetize WiFi Hotspot Services

Unlock a new revenue stream with Alepo’s carrier-grade WiFi hotspot business model using RADIUS Authentication, Authorization, Accounting server.

  • Prepaid charging with zero leakage
  • Dynamic redirect to a captive portal
  • Location-based services and offers
  • WiFi partner and reseller management
  • Cloud-based WiFi hotspot management

Get Real-Time Policy Control

Launch prepaid plans with zero revenue leakage, deliver bandwidth on demand, and communicate instantly with customers. It’s all possible with real-time policy control in the Alepo AAA server.

Enhance Your Charging Abilities

Launch or expand your prepaid internet services with the assurance of zero revenue leakage. Real-time quota management accounting in the Alepo AAA gives you online charging abilities, based on time, volume, and events.

Create a Modern Customer Experience

Instantly push authorization service changes and policies to your subscribers without requiring them to disconnect or reset their connections. With mid-session policy changes, the dual-stack RADIUS and Diameter 3GPP AAA can push new authorization policies whenever a customer:

  • Buys a turbo boost bandwidth speed
  • Exceeds your fair use policy
  • Refills a prepaid account balance

Dynamically Redirect Hotline Customers

Take the modern customer experience even further with dynamic redirection capabilities facilitated by Alepo’s Authentication, Authorization, Accounting server. For instance:

  • When an authenticated user connects to a WiFi hotspot, they are automatically redirected to a purchase portal
  • When a prepaid authorized user’s balance reaches zero, they are redirected to a recharge portal
  • When a user is unable to authorize and connect to the network, they are redirected to a help page with troubleshooting instructions
  • When a user with an overdue invoice connects, they are redirected to a dunning notification center before granting authorization
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Experience Best of Breeds

Discover why the world’s top communications service providers, including Saudi Telecom, Digicel, and Ooredoo, choose Alepo’s 3GPP AAA server for their businesses.

Deploy Virtualized AAA (vAAA)

Alepo AAA can be deployed in any NFVi environment using ETSI-based standard integration or custom interfaces provided by NFV infrastructure vendors. Specific and generic Virtual Network Functions (gVNF) manage the entire lifecycle of Alepo AAA VNFs.

Ensure 5G-Readiness

The Alepo AAA integrates with the 5G core network to perform functionalities such as slice authentication, authentication and authorization for DNN provisioning, as well as authenticating access from non-3GPP networks.

Gain Advanced Analytics

Provides usage and location-based analytics such as locations frequently and most recently visited by a subscriber, their active location, and more. This information can be used for marketing campaigns, revenue assurance, and troubleshooting.

Support High Capacity

With a stateless server that can be scaled horizontally and vertically, support millions of subscribers while remaining a highly responsive system with industry-leading TPS benchmarks and sub-millisecond latency.

Experience High Extensibility

Write, test, and implement new business rules with ease. Custom scripting in Alepo’s AAA portal enables you to meet new business requirements quickly, without touching the source code.

Be Cloud Ready

Using a public, private, or hybrid cloud model, you can achieve stellar network performance and rapid deployment.

Enjoy Vendor Neutrality

Avoid being locked to a single vendor and build a blend of best-of-breeds network elements. Alepo’s AAA is vendor-neutral and boasts a decade of successful IoT with leading industry players.

Provide Endless Scalability

Alepo’s AAA scales as your business grows with endless horizontal and vertical scalability.

Flexible Deployment Models











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Case Studies

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) sought a scalable and robust solution for faster and more automated provisioning and service fulfilment for its growing subscriber base. Read the full story to learn how Alepo’s high-performance AAA and policy framework helped STC increase the AAA performance capacity three-fold and response time 10 fold.

Banglalion Communications Limited (BCL) faced multiple performance issues with its legacy AAA platform that affected their network speed and stability and resulted in excessive downtime. Read the full story to learn how switching to Alepo’s AAA helped BCL overcome all network challenges and achieve a 6X boost in network performance.

La Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogota (ETB) wanted to accelerate the performance and capacity of its legacy fixed broadband network. Read the full story to learn how ETB modernized its fixed broadband AAA services with an Alepo solution, that boosted capacity and features to handle retail internet services.

White Papers

AAA Transformation is about more than replacing a “box” in your network; it is a holistic approach to evolving the AAA and policy framework in a legacy core network to one that is modern, scalable, and highly extensible, in order to realize sophisticated end-to-end business processes and to achieve greater network optimization. Download the AAA Transformation white paper to learn why internet service providers (ISPs) must employ an advanced  AAA  and policy framework to emerge successful and profitable.

With the emergence of network virtualization and cloud infrastructure, virtualized AAA (vAAA) now holds the capability to facilitate scalability and ensure performance irrespective of network traffic load. It ensures optimal utilization of resources and smooth operations to meet the dynamic needs of growing networks. There are often challenges in deploying it, but fortunately, there are also ways to resolve them. Download the whitepaper The Evolution of AAA Infrastructure For NFVi Compliance to learn more about vAAA deployment obstacles, solutions, benefits, and more.

News Releases

Upgrading to the latest Alepo Digital BSS and Alepo AAA helped Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL) modernize its fixed data services, making significant improvements to its billing, charging, and authentication systems. The operator is now able to launch offers based on fair usage policies and time, as well as the introduction of web support using Alepo’s Omnichannel Self-Care enables users to purchase data add-ons. Read the news release.

Orange Guinea Sonatel has partnered with Alepo to digitize its fixed broadband services using Alepo’s AAA Transformation solution. The solution will help eliminate revenue leakage caused by manual processes in the legacy system. Alepo’s AAA server will streamline customer sign-ups, provide guaranteed minimum bandwidth speeds, enhance role-based security, and offer real-time service monitoring and comprehensive customer usage reports, enhancing the performance and reliability of the system. Read the news release.

Responding to market demand, Chilean mobile operator WOM partnered with Alepo to enter the fixed broadband (FTTH) market with the introduction of high-speed data services. With its customer-first approach, Alepo’s 3GPP AAA for broadband will ensure uninterrupted service, 24x7 remote customer support, digital payments. Read the news release.

Zain Jordan, a long-standing Alepo client, upgraded its authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) infrastructure. The customer experience was improved by further digitizing it and eliminating manual provisioning. Further, the new Alepo AAA includes several crucial enhancements: more robust automated failover, enhanced role-based security, real-time monitoring, and proactive alerts. Read the news release.


5G’s higher bandwidth, low-latency, and virtualization capabilities have unlocked a massive IoT ecosystem. With this rapid surge in devices connected to the data network, the AAA will be pivotal in bridging devices and networks, enabling operators to maximize their 5G ROI. Read the blog Role of AAA in 5G and the IoT Ecosystem to know more about 5G IoT use cases, how they are facilitated by robust AAA infrastructure, and how to successfully deploy AAA.

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) a more stable, reliable, and scalable network, enabling operators to deliver disruptive and innovative services. How can it help make your network profitable? Read the blog Network Functions Virtualization: Basics to Benefits for the top six benefits of NFV, its key components, and popular applications.

With the maturing of NFV, AAA can be virtually deployed to optimize resource use and streamline network operations. Through our experience in virtualized AAA (vAAA) deployment, we’ve observed some recurring challenges. Read the blog How to tackle NFV AAA deployment challenges for our expert insights.

The pandemic has meant a cultural shift that has put unprecedented demand on networks. With several companies considering a shift to permanent remote working, service providers need digitally advanced systems to adapt more easily to the current situation. Read the blog Top 5 ways telcos can adapt to the virtual cultural shift for insights into how they can enhance their systems.

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