An End-to-End Promotion and Campaign Management System

Alepo Promotion and Campaign Manager is an intuitive analytics-driven system to manage customer digital engagement such as promotions, campaigns, loyalty points, and more, helping service providers maximize ARPU and market share while reducing churn by delighting customers.

Improve Customer Experience

Personalized and contextual offers

Alepo’s Promotion and Campaign Manager, a module of Alepo’s Digital BSS, enables operators to configure a wide range of promotions and launch personalized offers based on customers’ needs and preferences. Supported offer types include:

  • Location-based offers – launch promotions based on the customer’s mobile location and drive more traffic to businesses
  • Device-based campaigns – optimize offers for the specific device types
  • Upselling products – offer special benefits to customers with higher and more frequent transactions
  • Transaction-based rewards – motivate customers to spend on businesses, as they earn loyalty credits for each transaction
  • Cumulative-based periodic targets (daily, weekly, monthly) – define periodic goals and launch offers and plans to achieve them
  • And many more

Diversified rewards

Alepo’s promotion and campaign management system includes a built-in rewards catalog for operators to define various rewards, products, or items along with their redemption rules. Some reward types that can be configured include loyalty points, cashback or digital credits, e-vouchers, airtime, data, physical gifts, and more.

Multi-channel campaigns

Operators can send multi-channel personalized communications to defined groups, with no restriction on the number of members. A visual builder helps orchestrate automated campaigns through email, text, mobile, web, and social channels.

The real-time data interpretation capability facilitates timely and relevant personalized alerts and messages. The system defines and chooses the most suitable templates that help deliver optimized alerts for various events, helping improve customer engagement.

Seamless data processing

Alepo Campaign and Promotion Manager collects customer data from various external systems such as OCS, CRM, billing, and more. The Mediation System ensures flawless data distribution. The built-in data processor extracts relevant data from multiple systems and obtains the information needed to execute promotions.

Promotion and Campaign Management System
 Run Real-Time Promotions with Alepo Campaign Manager

Run Real-Time Promotions

Build flexible campaigns

The campaign management system lets operators provide numerous promotional offers in real-time. It also helps set limits on campaigns, such as the maximum rewards that can be offered in a campaign or how many rewards each customer can receive.

Test, evaluate, and monitor

Operators can monitor a campaign right until it is delivered, minimizing errors in execution. Campaign performance is assessed against achieved goals, with insights into how it performed compared to similar campaigns by competitors. Operators can monitor evolving customer trends and behaviors and leverage them to improve engagement.

Deploy Dynamic Campaigns

Profile customers to target

Alepo Promotion and Campaign Manager allows automatic tagging of customers based on defined factors such as cash-in, ARPU, plan type, total years of subscription, billed amount, age group, profession, income, birthday, and more. Customer profiling helps operators segment customers and offer more relevant promotions after evaluating collected data. Operators can exclude blacklisted customers from campaigns, and customers have the option to opt-in or out of any campaign.

Flexi-rule structure

The system swiftly adapts to change and enables building a strategy based on local regulations, business goals, market dynamics, and customer profiles.

deploy dynamic campaigns with campaign management system

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