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Digital Business Support System

Digital Business Support System (BSS)

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A 5G digital BSS (business support system) with convergent charging and digital CRM

Alepo Digital BSS is a comprehensive platform trusted by global CSPs for 15+ years. It provides omnichannel self-care, convergent charging, billing, digital payments, partner management, and many more modules that can be deployed in phases, enabling the rapid delivery, monetization, and management of the latest communications services.

Manage Customer Experiences

Alepo Digital Business Support System has built-in CRM that enables you to digitize your customers’ experience and improve customer acquisition and retention.

Manage Customers

Alepo Digital BSS’s CRM redefines customer experience in every interaction. Customer care agents are equipped with a complete and intuitive 360-degree view of customers, including account information, product and package details, history, trouble tickets, and more. Operators can:

  • Implement automated workflows
  • Streamline sales and support
  • Offer web and mobile self-care with live chat options, ensuring instant issue redressal
  • Integrate chatbots and AI, reducing manual CSR workload

Digitize Customer Experience

Customers today prefer having the power to self-manage their accounts and services. Varying personal preferences demand that CSPs create multiple convenient and always-on engagement channels that all offer the same user experience to customers while enabling them to choose their preferred channel and language. Alepo’s device-responsive omnichannel self-care helps create easy and sophisticated digital self-service experiences. With these tools, customers have the power to register and activate their accounts, select services, make payments, manage trouble tickets, get automated support through chatbots, and more.

Create Innovative Offers

From offer creation to fulfillment, Alepo’s Digital Business Support System is designed to increase revenue and customer loyalty by facilitating rapid time to market (TTM) for new and innovative products and services. Alepo’s centralized product catalog gives you the tools and flexibility to respond to your customers’ growing needs in an ever-changing marketplace.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Empower telecom operators to upsell products and services, as well as offer customer rewards in the form of loyalty points, cashback, airtime and data plans, e-vouchers, and more. With Alepo’s Promotion and Campaign Management System, you can define campaigns based on transactions, targets, promotional alerts, notifications, and more.

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Drive Up Revenue

The Digital BSS employs a convergent charging and billing platform that enables you to realize truly convergent, differentiated services while maintaining an overall low total cost of ownership.

Converge Network Types

A single convergent digital BSS architecture brings together multiple communications service offerings (voice, data, content, VAS) and access technologies (3G, LTE, WiFi, xDSL, FTTx, and WiMAX). This affords multiple benefits, including:

  • Reduced complexity
  • Lower operational costs
  • Differentiated business plans
  • Bundled services
  • Cross-sell and up-sell promotions

Charge in Real Time

Alepo Digital BSS’s Online Charging System (OCS) is a robust and flexible charging system. It supports session-based rating, event-based rating, and online charging as well as offline processing of batch EDRs. Rating methods include flat rates, usage-, time-, content- and destination-based, and more.

Eliminate Revenue Leakage

The key cause of revenue leakage within a billing system is a lack of real-time prepaid control. A true real-time rating and charging environment, the OCS enables you to offer pay-as-you-go plans and on-demand services while extending the assurance of real-time credit control and zero revenue leakage.

Seamless Digital Payments

Alepo Digital Payments is a feature-rich and flexible digital financial services platform that enables you to offer a mobile wallet solution to your customers. It includes a smart app, mPOS, agentless modes, built-in promotions, and integrations; and allows P2P, enterprise, and merchant payments, microfinance, credit scoring, and more. In addition to telecom operators, it is also a robust platform for financial institutions and other customer service providers to offer mobile money, wallet, and mobile banking solutions.

Get Organized

Manage Your Partners

Built into Alepo Digital BSS is Partner Management and Settlement (PMS) that enables you to manage partners, wholesalers, distributors, affiliates and OTT partners, and govern complex interconnect partner agreements and interactions. Reconciliation and settlement eliminate revenue leakage. The PMS also supports n-level partner hierarchy creation and management as well as diverse partnership models. Its key modules include:

Manage Your Enterprises

Build strong relations with enterprise customers using Alepo’s Enterprise BSS. Including Enterprise Self-Service (ESS) and Salesforce CPQ modules, it facilitates better management of an effective lead-to-sale process.

The enterprise self-care helps you:

  • Provide role-based self-care access
  • Support multilevel enterprise hierarchy
  • Add billing based on parent-child hierarchy
  • Allow flexible payment options

Intuitively designed to integrate with external CRM systems, CPQ enables you to:

  • Integrate sales orders with Salesforce
  • Manage the lead-to-sale process smoothly
  • Configure intelligent service bundles rapidly
  • Implement subscription mechanisms and different pricing structures
  • Support advanced billing and revenue recognition standards

Manage Your Products

Built into Alepo Digital Business Support System is a product catalog; a centralized service agnostic application for defining plans across access technologies, for prepaid, postpaid, and hybrid plans. With a convergent catalog, you can bundle multiple service offerings into one seamless package.

Manage Your Orders

Workflow management ensures that service provider operations run smoothly by efficiently managing end-to-end processes of new customer orders, activation, and delivery of services.

Alepo Workflow Management module helps you easily configure and manage business processes through set smart workflows and rules. Adding the capability to automate processes and reduce manual interventions in the service order management process, the module simplifies workflow designing with a drag-and-drop visual user interface.

The Alepo Fulfilment and Provisioning module automates and orchestrates provisioning flows across multiple provisioning systems such as PCRF, AAA, OCS, and more, manage bulk provisioning and overload, as well as retry mechanisms.

End-to-end management of different business processes is easy with the pre-integrated digital CRM, billing, and product catalog modules.

Manage Your Inventory

Built into Alepo Digital BSS is an inventory management module that supports all inventory types applicable to the network or service type you have. It enables you to import, update, assign, allocate, and transfer inventory, as well as:

  • Define inventory attributes
  • Set quarantine periods
  • Blacklist inventory
  • Automatically provision SIMs to the HSS
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Advanced Analytics: Be Informed

Alepo Digital BSS’s built-in business insights and real-time analytics empower you with a holistic view of your business.

Get Information Instantly

Alepo Digital Business Support System features a built-in enterprise-class Business Intelligence reporting server with a report designer tool. The reports are displayed on a graphically rich and interactive dashboard, providing instant information on all associated users, plans, and services.

Knowledge = Power

With rich analytics, you can evaluate the popularity of different plans and promotions, identify top or VIP users for special campaigns, track revenue, and more. With this detailed knowledge, you can make smarter business decisions, helping increase ARPU and your bottom line.

Flexible Deployment Models

Cloud Digital BSS


Saas Digital BSS


NFV-compliant Digital BSS


Hybrid Cloud Digital BSS


Appliance Digital BSS


Cloud Digital BSS


Saas Digital BSS


NFV-compliant Digital BSS


Hybrid Cloud Digital BSS


Appliance Digital BSS


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News Releases

Eswatini Mobile resolved frequent network disruptions and communication lags that were affecting its network availability with Alepo’s BSS Transformation. The operator deployed multiple other Alepo products, including PCRF, omnichannel self-care, interconnect billing, mediation, and more to introduce a host of new service offerings, digitize the customer experience, reduce time-to-market, and gain improved control over their entire business ecosystem. Read the news release.

NTA Marshall Islands selected Alepo’s convergent billing solution for its large-scale IT transformation project. NTA plans to smoothly migrate its existing 2G, PSTN, ADSL, WiFi and IPTV subscribers to Alepo’s fully convergent business support system platform to offer greater flexibility and a new level of digitized customer experience. Read the news release.

Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL) modernized its fixed network offerings by upgrading to the latest Alepo Digital BSS and Alepo AAA. The upgrade helped the operator launch offers based on fair usage policies and time. TVL also introduced web support using Alepo’s Omnichannel Self-Care for its data-service customers, enabling them to easily purchase data add-ons. Read the news release.

Green Com, in partnership with Alepo, completed a major BSS transformation in Equatorial Guinea. With Alepo’s complete, end-to-end policy control, real-time billing and charging, CRM, and roaming and interconnect billing, Green Com launched new voice and data services. Read the news release.

Tuvalu Telecommunications Corporation (TTC) partnered with Alepo to deploy a single convergent billing platform to support its 3G, LTE, WiFi, and fixed-line subscribers. TTC’s customers can now self-manage all their services using Alepo’s web self-care portal and mobile app. Read the news release.

Ooredoo Maldives partnered with Alepo to introduce next-generation fixed broadband services. The operator will deploy Alepo’s complete BSS solution, including billing and customer care, for its nationwide fixed broadband network. The solution will enable Ooredoo Maldives to fully monetize its data services, launch innovative data offers rapidly, and ensure an enhanced customer experience. Read the news release.

Case Studies

Amara Communications Co., Ltd. (ACS) became Myanmar’s first LTE-only operator with the launch of ananda. The operator deployed Alepo’s Digital BSS and signed up for its managed services offering to deliver high-speed internet and personalized and differentiated offerings. The deployment also enabled ACS to streamline business and network IT operations. Read the full story to know how ACS raced ahead of competitors like Ooredoo and Telenor in launching the region’s first 4G+LTE service, recording 60K subscribers within just a month.

Bitflux wanted to deliver wholesale LTE services to MVNO and MNO clients and required a complete MVNE billing platform with an affiliate management solution. The operator sought to deploy a dynamic, future-ready system that could quickly respond to a constantly evolving market and offer a high-speed, differentiated data experience to its customers. Read the full story on how Alepo helped Bitflux become the first operator to offer Wholesale LTE Services in Nigeria.

Tishknet, wanted to accelerate its 4G broadband success with the introduction of a high-speed LTE network. The operator turned to Alepo for a turnkey LTE solution and replacement of its legacy AAA and billing infrastructure to gain more advanced features and better vendor support. Read the full story how Alepo helped Tishknet deliver a sophisticated brand experience and helped the operator reduce its CAPEX by 4% and OPEX by 6%.

A major telecom operator in West Africa called on Alepo to expedite its 4G data business for its 11 million subscribers. The operator wanted a next-gen system that could facilitate rapid service innovation and deliver a sophisticated and personalized online customer experience to win market share and reduce churn. Read the full story on how Alepo’s solution helped the operator gain 47% of online purchase revenue within just three months of the project’s completion.

White Papers

With constantly evolving customer expectations and market trends, it has been challenging for operators to keep up revenue margins while driving innovation. Read the white paper 7 Customer Trends that Drive Convergent Charging that offers insights to operators into reevaluating their billing and charging approach to deliver products and services based on evolving trends and drive up revenue.

In today’s dynamic market, it is essential for operators to deliver differentiated offers and sophisticated customer experience. The key to success lies in having a competitive edge to respond to quickly evolving customer demands with innovative offerings at a lower cost per byte. Read Alepo’s Mobile Broadband Accelerator Solution white paper to learn how wireless network operators can rapidly monetize mobile broadband without adding unnecessary costs, complexity or changes to their existing business and network environment.

The increasing threat from OTT players in today’s digital era has forced CSPs to rethink their BSS architectures. Read the Alepo white paper What’s Driving BSS Transformation for Leading CSPs? to learn how Alepo’s BSS Transformation helps CSPs innovate their service offerings, digitalize the customer experience, and streamline their IT and business processes to face market challenges with more confidence than ever.


5G networks are expected to transform the customer experience. The good news for operators is that this transformation can be fully monetized: what they need is an effective digital business support system stack. Read the blog Top 7 benefits digital BSS delivers, now and in 5G to know how a BSS transformation can help you leverage the benefits of next-gen network offerings.

Digital business support system enables modern partnerships, letting operators co-create new services across industries to become digital ecosystem enablers. Read the blog How partnerships are the key to 5G success for telcos to learn more about these partnership models and how they can be implemented on 5G as well as LTE networks.

With increasing competition and customer expectations, operators are looking beyond voice, SMS, and generic value-added services. To create a superior customer experience (CX) while maintaining good revenue margins, they need to enhance their billing and charging innovation. Read the blog Delivering Service Innovation with Convergent Billing and Charging to understand how a customer-centric convergent billing system can help innovate service offerings, deliver higher CX, and reap several revenue-enhancing benefits.

A digital BSS stack with CRM, rating and charging, omnichannel self-care, partner management, and other modules helps operators enable, monetize, and manage the entire telecom ecosystem with ease. Read the blog on how digital BSS can be turned into a telecom business profit generator to know how a comprehensive 5G-ready digital BSS can help accelerate service innovation, reduce churn, and generate more profits.

Operators fail to respond instantly to customers due to an unconsolidated BSS platform, a poorly integrated order management system, and multiple product catalogs. Read the blog How a Centralized Product Catalog Revolutionizes a Telco’s BSS Offerings to learn how a single, centralized and convergent product catalog, in a consolidated BSS framework, reduces time-to-market and increases revenue, ARPU, and quality of experience.

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