Digital Payments Platform

Alepo’s Digital Payments platform is a comprehensive suite that is designed to drive financial inclusion and cashless adoption. In addition to revolutionizing banking in underserved markets, it helps service providers increase their footprint and monetize the digital payments space. The product enables seamless and secure digital transactions, helps attract new customers while creating long-term loyalty, and unlocks multiple revenue streams.

Deploy Digital Payments Suite

Alepo Digital Payments includes highly customizable features that support every business model and the latest market trends, ensuring maximum ROI. Its key features include:

Mobile Wallet

Target all levels of banking segments with the feature-rich digital mobile wallet included in the solution. It enables any method of cashless payment, supports all types of wallets (open, semi-closed, and closed), and is compatible with different devices. Create multiple types of mobile wallets such as the main wallet, bonus wallet, savings wallet, and more, and control exactly how money is spent.

Mobile Banking

Give customers access to their accounts on the go through a secure mobile banking app. It enables mobile self-care, letting them perform financial transactions and related operations with any bank.

Bill and P2P Payments

Reduce the overall cost to customers arising from multiple KYC checks and service charges with direct bill payments, P2P transfers, and bank-to-bank money transactions between various banks around the globe. Integrate with different bank accounts using only the bank’s API.

Agent Banking

Banks can deploy agents or business correspondents to provide services using their mobile devices, enabling more financial inclusion. Alepo’s agent banking solutions are changing the way economies operate in emerging markets and rural areas, where dispersed populations mean traditional banks are largely inaccessible and opening and operating branches is not cost-effective.

Simplify Distributor Operations
Powerful Digital Payments Platform

Explore Powerful Capabilities

Alepo Digital Payments is an all-in-one platform that benefits both operators and customers. In addition to standard features such as paying bills directly through various digital modes, cashback offers, promotions, reward points, and referral bonuses, it offers a wealth of features like e-piggy banks, merchant payments, enterprise payments, scan and pay, interoperability, microfinance, foreign remittance, omnichannel support, and more.

Promotion Management

Acquire, grow, optimize, and retain customers by defining and rolling out promotions for each phase.

Reward Points

Allot reward points to customers against performing operations like top-ups, bill payments, and purchases – redeemable against various offers and products.


Approve microloan disbursements and collections with support for microcredit and micro-savings.

Credit-Scoring Engine

Calculate and track a customer’s credit score to determine their eligibility for loans, services, and promotions, using pre-defined rules such as KYC verification status, total cash-ins, transactions performed over a certain number of months, and more.

Foreign Remittance

Facilitate international remittances for paperless and user-friendly financial transactions with clients overseas. The Alepo system is flexible and integrates with various remittance partners like Western Union (WU) money transfer app based on client requirements.

e-Piggy Bank (Kids’ Account)

Let account holders create and maintain an add-on account for their children that serves as the digital equivalent of a physical piggy bank for their digital currency. Children can request money, cash-out, and spend at a toy or stationery shop or school canteen while ensuring parental control.

Voucher Management

Create and manage the entire life cycle of vouchers for various promotions.

Omnichannel Support

Offer omnichannel support and improve the customer experience through the entire customer journey.

Experience Cloud-Native Benefits

Alepo Digital Payments is a secured and virtualized platform that enables seamless financial transactions. It can be deployed as standalone or as a part of Alepo’s Digital Business Support System (BSS) platform. It offers the following features:


The platform is PCI/PA DSS compliance-ready and eliminates various security threats with:

    • Anti-Money Laundering
      Prevent breaches and take necessary actions in case one should occur with integrated Anti-Money Laundering (AML) rules. Approve or reject KYC documents, set limits and transaction restrictions, publish transaction ledgers, and more.
    • Fraud Management
      Detect and prevent fraudulent transactions with a powerful rule engine that helps identify fake registrations, multiple high-value debit or credit transactions in a defined time period, transfers to suspicious receivers, and more.


Add new functionalities without impairing existing ones with plug-in support.

RESTful API Gateway

The API gateway exposes REST APIs for services to orchestrate various functionalities by routing client requests to the appropriate microservice.


Deploy different services independently or in tandem. The microservice architecture comprises loosely coupled services that can be broken down into multiple component services.

Cloud-Enabled and Virtualized

Rapidly deploy either on cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid. You can also choose to keep transaction data local while running other parts of the system on the cloud.

Simplify Distributor Operations

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