WiFi Captive Portal

Alepo’s WiFi Portal is an all-in-one platform built to enable you to easily monetize your WiFi network.

Built for WiFi ROI

Alepo’s WiFi Portal is designed 100% for WiFi ROI. According to a recent market survey1, carriers report that the greatest challenge in launching new WiFi networks is how to derive ROI or monetize the network. Alepo’s WiFi Portal is specifically built to address that challenge.

Generate Ad Revenue

Alepo’s WiFi portal has a built-in advertising module that enables you to generate advertising revenue on your WiFi network, including offering location-based offers and advertisements. You can form partnerships with local companies and charge them for allocated advertising space on your WiFi captive portal, including both video and static ads.

Launch Offers Quickly

Get your offers to market more quickly than your competitors with ready-to-launch use cases that earn WiFi revenue. Some achievable use cases include:

Free WiFi to casual users in exchange for:

  • Sponsorship or partnership
  • Watching video advertisements
  • Authenticating through SMS
  • Taking a survey
  • Logging in with social media
  • And more

Paid Premium WiFi:

  • Validity-based WiFi passes
  • Physical and e-vouchers
  • Credit cards
  • Integration with existing subscriber accounts

Create a WiFi Reseller Ecosystem

Alepo’s WiFi Portal has a full Partner Lifecycle Management built in, enabling you to implement and manage a partner and reseller ecosystem, all from the WiFi Portal.

  • Offer location-specific branding, offers, and promotions
  • Form partnerships with ISPs and MNOs for value added services (VAS)
  • Establish revenue share and commission based models
  • Enable affiliates to generate captive portal pages, log payments, and view commissions

Diversify your Offers

Utilize Unique Business Models

The Alepo WiFi portal supports many different kinds of business models including:

  • Advertisements
  • Vouchers
  • Affiliates
  • Partners
  • Offload
  • Value-added services

Create Tailored Offers

Learn about your WiFi users by offering free WiFi in exchange for a market survey or other user data, or in exchange for social media sign on (social data capture). Use this information to create tailored offers that will resonate with your specific customer base.

Integrate with a Cellular Network

The Integration of WiFi and cellular Networks is one of the best ways to create diverse use cases and increase your ROI on your WiFi network. Integrate with your own or a partner’s cellular network to offer unique business models like offload and international roaming.


Alepo’s WiFi Portal gives access to themes, templates, and plugins, allowing you to quickly build personalized pages with rich text, videos, rich form fields, customer code and more.

Create Location-Based Captive Portals

Alepo’s WiFi Portal enables you to create an unlimited number of captive portal pages, that all have their own look and feel. You can create captive portals for particular locations, enabling location-based advertising and sales of different offers at different locations.

Create Customized Offers

Alepo’s WiFi Portal enables you to create an unlimited number of customized offers, to segment and target different customers. Offers can be created based on:

  • Data and/or time usage
  • Validity periods
  • Speed throttling
  • Affiliate referral rates
  • Multi-option purchasing
  • Bundles

Utilize the Themes, Templates, and Plugins

Alepo’s WiFi Portal provides you with over 30 WordPress predefined templates, as well as some predefined templates made by Alepo. On each page, choose from the 40+ WordPress modules to help you create elements on your page.

Easy to Use

Alepo’s WiFi Portal is designed to be be as intuitive, yet robust as possible. The modern interface was created as an all-in-one WiFi Portal, with pre-made templates and drag-and-drop design tools to be as user-friendly as possible.

 Design with Ease

Alepo’s WiFi Portal is built on WordPress Technology, giving you access to the vast library of WordPress themes, templates, and plugins. Create custom layouts using the built-in, dra-and-drop page designer to quickly and easily create captive portal pages.

Avoid Errors and Faults

Alepo’s WiFi Portal allows you to preview the pages you are creating and modifying before publishing them in the network. This helps ensure that any errors or faults are caught before the page goes live.

* Source: The 2014 Telecoms.com Intelligence Global Industry Survey

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