WiFi Service Management Platform

Alepo WiFi Service Management Platform (SMP) is built to enable you to quickly build a carrier class WiFi network and monetize direct customer engagement and engagement via affiliates.

Built for WiFi ROI

One of the most significant challenges faced in launching new WiFi networks is getting a return on investment (ROI). Alepo WiFi SMP is built to overcome this challenge. Loaded with revenue-enhancing features, it focuses on the three main pillars of the WiFi service monetization process: contextual advertising, customer experience, and partner management. It lets you create multiple captive portals while enabling your affiliates to do the same.

Direct-To-Consumer Services

The most straightforward business case for a WiFi captive portal is direct access, where customers in the WiFi network can purchase time-based or data-based usage plans. Alepo WiFi SMP combines usability and feature-richness to let you design captive portals that create a seamless experience for the customer. So, while you choose from a wide range of options to monetize your network footfall, you can offer customers the following:

  • SMS-based authentication for casual users
  • Social logins for lead generation
  • Gated access using mandatory surveys or video ads
  • Validity passes for premium users
  • Pay-to-use transaction gateways

Built-in Advertising Module

Advertising is one of the primary revenue streams when it comes to monetizing WiFi services. The built-in advertising module of Alepo WiFi Captive Portal lets you effortlessly create ads for your partner brands. It enables you to:

  • Display both static and video ads on your captive portal page
  • Create mass targeted ads for portal users to maximize the audience for global partners
  • Run location-specific ads to provide your partners a more localized audience

Partner Lifecycle Management

Creating and managing a WiFi reseller ecosystem is key to maximizing revenue. With the Alepo WiFi Captive Portal’s built-in partner lifecycle management module you can:

  • Offer location-specific branding, offers, and promotions
  • Form partnerships with ISPs and MNOs for value-added services (VAS)
  • Establish revenue share and commission-based models
  • Enable affiliates to generate captive portal pages, log payments, and view commissions

Wholesale and Bulk Offerings

Globally, CSPs use WiFi as a means to ease network congestion caused by heavy data users. With the Alepo WiFi Service Management Platform, you can:

  • Collaborate with CSPs at a wholesale rate for their WiFi offload services
  • Offer bulk deals for international WiFi roaming to global CSPs.
wifi captive portal

Diversify Your Offers

The platform enables you to create a range of offers suited to different customer needs.

Unique Business Models

Supports many business models, which can be used independently or in combination with one another. These include:

  • Monetizing traffic through advertisements
  • Voucher-based gated access to premium services for portal users
  • Affiliate and partner management using a built-in module
  • Partnerships with CSPs for WiFi offload
  • Offering value-added services as a premium add-on

Tailor-Made Offers

Using gated access to your free WiFi, you can collect user data and create personalized offers for your captive portal users. You can do so by offering:

  • Free WiFi in exchange for user data
  • Social media sign-on with appropriate permissions for accessing WiFi
  • Two-factor user authentication for reliable data

Integration with a Cellular Network

A key benefit of the Alepo WiFi SMP is its ability to integrate seamlessly with cellular network components like the HSS and billing systems. This enables you to:

  • Integrate with your own or a partner’s mobile network to offer WiFi offload services
  • Offer international data roaming facility for your partner networks
  • Charge for WiFi use with a subscriber’s cellular account

Integration with WiFi Gateways and Controllers

Alepo WiFi SMP integrates seamlessly with legacy WiFi gateways and controllers through its vendor-neutral, standards-compliant architecture. Regardless of your system’s architecture, the platform is easy to launch and provides seamless integration.

Customize Everything

Access themes, templates, and plugins that help you quickly build personalized pages with rich text, videos, form fields, customer codes, and more.

Create Customized Captive Portals

Create an unlimited number of custom portal pages. Customizations include:

  • Look and feel to match your brand
  • Geo-specific customization for location-based advertising
  • Personalized captive portal pages

Customized Offers

Create an unlimited number of customized offers to segment and target different customers. Offers can be generated based on:

  • Validity periods
  • Gated access to speed-boosted WiFi
  • Specific affiliate rates and offers

Easy to Use

Alepo WiFi SMP has a robust, modern interface, offering templates and drag-and-drop design tools for creating captive portals.

Design with Ease

Based on WordPress, the design of captive portals is geared at business user and does not require an understanding of javascript or HTML.

  • Built-in, drag-and-drop page designer
  • Vast library of WordPress themes, templates, and plugins
  • Unlimited custom layouts for your portal pages
  • Reduced learning curve for quick and inexpensive rollout
  • Lowered dependency on external vendors for changes

Avoid Errors and Faults

Before any portal page goes live for your customers, you can:

  • Preview the pages you create
  • Modify pages before publishing them

Flexible Deployment Models











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New Releases

PC Central selected Alepo’s cloud WiFi solution to accelerate free public WiFi experience in Costa Rica’s San José, Cartago, and Limón. The service grants free internet access to users for four hours after completing a survey through Alepo’s captive portal. Alepo’s WiFi SMP helps capture key user information and generates custom reports, enabling site administrators to use feedback to gain a deeper understanding of the demographic for future offerings. Read the news release.

Leading telecommunications provider Cable & Wireless Seychelles (CWS) has launched free and paid public WiFi, using Alepo’s WiFi Service Management Platform to facilitate the rollout and monetization of the service. The deployment also includes a web self-care portal, enabling CWS customers to control and monitor their WiFi data usage. Read the news release.

NU-Telecom partnered with Alepo to deliver advanced WiFi services in Minnesota. With the Alepo solution, NU-Telecom will be able to readily provide, manage, and monetize their public WiFi network with advanced use-cases unique to their market. Read the news release.

Horizon Telecom International (HTI) chose Alepo and SKSpruce Technologies to launch WiFi services in Myanmar. With Alepo’s carrier WiFi solution, HTI will be able to fully monetize its WiFi hotspot network by offering attractive WiFi prepaid plans and promotions. Read the news release.

Case Studies

ETB, Colombia’s principal communications service provider, sought to deliver consistent and reliable data services to its LTE customers. Alepo’s Carrier WiFi solution helped ETB to automatically offload LTE mobile subscribers and provide smooth and constant data experience to them in the absence of LTE data coverage. Read the full story to learn how Alepo helped ETB achieve its goal of continuous data connectivity that not only reduced churn and increased subscribers but enhanced the customer experience by five percent in just one month after commercial launch.

BLU Telecommunications, a Ghanaian operator, turned to Alepo for a market-ready “LTE in a Box” solution to accelerate deployment of advanced LTE and WiFi Hotspot data services. Using Alepo’s solution, BLU was able to launch the most advanced and competitive data plans, including video on demand, tiered bandwidth speeds, app bundles, WiFi data passes, and more. Read the full story to learn how the end-to-end solution by Alepo gave BLU full support for the delivery, monetization, and customer experience of multi-play LTE and WiFi hotspot services.

Solution Brief

While the qualitative benefits of launching WiFi might be clear, the quantifiable revenue potential is perhaps less obvious to some operators. According to an industry survey by telecoms.com, operators report that the most significant challenge for them in launching new WiFi networks is the question of how they will derive ROI or monetize the network. Addressing these market challenges, Alepo provides a single, all-inclusive platform to leverage a best-in-class WiFi network for gaining ROI. It offers everything from customer journey management to full partner lifecycle management, with ease. Read the solution brief.


The captive portal is the face of your brand, interacting with your customers before they authenticate and connect. The captive portal is one of the reliable solutions to combat WiFi monetization challenges. It’s not just a WiFi service route to have access to the internet but offers a window of opportunity to upsell. Read the blog ‘6 Ways to Monetize Free WiFi Using a Captive Portal’ to learn how to make the best use of a captive portal that captivates customers’ attention and achieves business excellence, at no cost to the end user.

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