Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (AAA) Transformation

Alepo AAA Transformation is a holistic approach to evolve your policy and access framework to a modern, flexible, and highly extensible system for optimal network performance. Alepo’s expertise in digital transformation, aided by the AAA’s proven integration framework, has ensured successful projects supporting millions of concurrent subscribers – all with zero downtime and no changes to existing IT systems.

Become Network-Agnostic

Alepo AAA Transformation helps CSPs streamline operations and reduce their total cost of ownership. With support for all access technologies, it equips them with a single platform to deliver AAA needs across broadband, mobile, WiFi, and M2M/IoT segments.

Smooth integration across platforms

Provides standards-based 3GPP interfaces with dual-stack RADIUS and Diameter capabilities, along with REST and SOAP APIs to support smooth integrations across any network and access technology.

No vendor lock-in

It is interoperable with any best-of-breeds network, preventing vendor lock-in. This enables operators to deploy a multi-vendor network for better price and performance and reduces both upfront and long-term network costs.

Multiple deployment modes

Alepo AAA can be deployed on public (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure), private or hybrid cloud as well as virtual machines. Further, it can be deployed in any NFVi environment using ETSI-based standard integration or custom interfaces provided by NFV infrastructure vendors.

AAA transformation solution
AAA transformation

Improve Performance & Scalability

High-performing platform

The AAA offers 99.999% availability and assures CSPs of carrier-grade performance and uninterrupted customer experience as the network grows and expands.

Stateless AAA

Alepo AAA can be horizontally and vertically scaled with an industry-leading Transactions Per Second (TPS) benchmark of 36,000 TPS, and sub-millisecond latency for millions of subscribers.

Increased network capacity

The platform eliminates non-productive signaling traffic on the network, increasing its capacity. It has built-in intelligence to handle endless loops of authentication requests by redirecting users and instructing them to take corrective action, keeping network performance high.

Seamless integration

Alepo AAA’s proven and scalable integration framework for provisioning uses the API Gateway module, which is key in ensuring AAA transformation with zero impact on existing IT integrations.

Streamline Operations

Intuitive web portal

Alepo AAA includes a user-friendly and intuitive web portal for configuration, managing subscriber profiles, access policies, external systems integrations, and many more.

Swift error-free customization

The platform includes a high-performing and real-time scripting engine, available on GUI. This enables operators to write and implement custom rules in-house and run them without having to recompile or “dirty up” the source code. The scripts are written in human-readable language to facilitate faster implementation, reducing the risk of errors.

Centralized configuration management

Operators can centrally manage configuration changes across all AAA nodes, accelerating configurations and minimizing errors.

Self-healing system

In case of outages and failures, Alepo AAA’s self-healing capabilities help recover the system within minutes. Also, the loss of database connectivity isn’t a concern because Alepo AAA enables requests to process by automatically switching to emergency mode, avoiding single points of failure, revenue loss, and service disruption.

bss as a service
AAA transformation solution

Be Future-Ready

Active roadmap

Alepo has over 15 years of industry experience in deploying AAA transformations. Its active R&D team ensures Alepo AAA is constantly evolving to meet business needs and keeps up with the latest technology trends and innovations.

Supports modern use cases

The platform supports varied use cases across industry segments: broadband, WiFi, mobile, VoIP, M2M/IoT. Alepo AAA is ready to be integrated with the 5G core network to handle use cases such as slice authentication, authentication and authorization for DNN provisioning, and authenticating access from non-3GPP networks.

Ready when you are

How do you know it’s time for a AAA Transformation? Use this checklist:

  • You have an open-source AAA that is not able to scale or cater to growing business needs.
  • The AAA is unable to address new business requirements such as NFV compliance, VoWiFi, and 5G.
  • Your AAA is due for support renewal or has reached end-of-life, and the upgrade is expensive.
  • You have multiple AAAs in your network that cause an overhead and expense to manage.
  • Your AAA is facing scalability issues and is unable to handle your increasing subscriber base.
  • Your AAA is not flexible, difficult to customize, and requires many vendor change requests.
  • Managing operations has become complex due to the number of customizations, integrations, and configurations.
  • You face frequent downtime because the platform is not stable and is difficult to support.

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Case Studies

La Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogota (ETB) partnered with Alepo to accelerate performance and improve the capacity of its legacy fixed broadband network. Alepo’s solution helped ETB modernize its fixed broadband AAA services, boosting capacity and providing additional features to handle retail internet services. Read the full story

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) was looking to enhance its network to cater to its growing subscriber base. The operator wanted a scalable and robust solution for quicker and more automated provisioning and service fulfilment. Here’s how STC tripled its AAA performance capacity and increased its response time 10-fold with Alepo’s high-performance AAA and policy framework.


White Papers

AAA Transformation is a holistic approach to modernizing the AAA to achieve greater network optimization and realize sophisticated end-to-end business processes. A modern, scalable, highly extensible, and advanced AAA and policy framework is key in ensuring profitability for Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Download the AAA Transformation whitepaper to know more.

Alepo’s NFVi-compliant AAA is one of the first in the world to go into production on state-of-the-art private cloud networks. With the evolution of cloud deployments and network function virtualization, telcos now have the advantage of saving on operational and capital expenditures while ensuring optimum performance and scalability to manage dynamic network traffic. Read the whitepaper The Evolution of AAA Infrastructure for NFVi Compliance to learn how vAAA deployment can help you upgrade your legacy AAA and the factors you need to consider to successfully implement it.

News Releases

Zain Jordan, a long-time client of Alepo’s, upgraded its authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) infrastructure. By eliminating manual provisioning, the project helped digitize and improve customer experience. The upgraded AAA introduced several key enhancements, including enhanced role-based security, more robust automated failover, real-time monitoring, and proactive alerts. Read the news release.

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) modernized its network to support its growing business and subscriber base with an Alepo AAA and BSS upgrade. The upgraded platform helped STC cater to its customers’ digital needs, launch new and innovative offers, and fully monetize its services. Read the news release.

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