Carrier WiFi

Alepo’s Carrier WiFi solution provides WiFi offload and monetization, helping operators expand their network, reduce congestion, and deliver value-based services that are compelling to customers, partners, and advertisers.


Deploy Rapidly

The market-proven solution is a one-stop shop that ensures swift, cost-effective implementation. With multiple deployment modes (cloud, on-prem, or hybrid), and an experienced team with an untarnished project delivery record, your business can be running in no time.

End-to-End Solution

The carrier WiFi solution contains everything you need to launch and monetize new WiFi services, as well as to scale, adapt, and compete as a market leader in WiFi services.

Proven Experience

Alepo’s high-performance and robust carrier-grade solution is deployed by national telecom carriers and by leading corporations.


A  vendor-neutral  solution allows you to choose best-of-breed technologies, while our extensive real-world production deployments with top WiFi radio manufacturers demonstrate interoperability, reducing cost and risk.


Alepo works directly with mobile operators and internet service providers to transform high-performance WiFi networks into a strategic revenue stream. The carrier WiFi solution is built to address major challenges such as ROI, costs of operation, and integration with existing networks.

Business Models

To help you reach your “WiFi everywhere” goals, Alepo supports several business cases:

Sponsored WiFi

  • Time-based offers
  • Speed-based offers
  • Usage- or volume-based offers
  • Video advertisement
  • SMS authentication
  • Survey forms
  • Social data capture

Premium WiFi

  • Volume-, time-, and speed-based offers
  • Promotional and paid passes
  • Payment gateway integration

Affiliate Management

  • Location-specific branding
  • Location-based offers and promotions
  • Existing ISP subscriber login
  • Affiliate commissioning and revenue sharing


WiFi offload easily and securely supplements your cellular network’s capacity, helping alleviate spectrum congestion and utilize spectrum more effectively.

Key Benefits of WiFi Offload:

  • Lowers operational costs
  • Eliminates coverage gaps
  • Reduces network congestion
  • Secure, easy, and automatic
  • Improves customer experience
  • Maximizes revenue potential


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News Releases

PC Central moved to Alepo’s cloud WiFi platform to overhaul the free public WiFi service that it hosts in Costa Rica along with other consortium partners as part of Sutel’s Zii WiFi initiative to bridge the digital divide. Alepo’s cloud-native WiFi Service Management Platform (SMP) allows users in San José, Cartago, and Limón to gain free internet access on completing a survey. The platform also collects user data and generates comprehensive BI and custom reports. Read the news release.

Cable & Wireless Seychelles has launched public WiFi in the popular tourist destination using Alepo’s WiFi SMP. The service is available at a popular resort in Victoria, and will soon be rolled out at other resorts and major public places. The service includes free as well as paid access that customers can purchase from the self-care portal, through which they can also monitor their usage. Read the news release.

m:tel launched new public WiFi plans in Bosnia and Herzegovina using Alepo’s WiFi SMP. Part of Alepo’s Carrier WiFi, this monetization platform enables m:tel to earn direct revenue through advertisements and analytics. Customers can access the internet using a range of free and paid options, including watching a video, social media log-in, purchasing vouchers, subscribing to plans, and more. Read the news release. Read the news release.

Tuvalu Telecommunications Corporation (TTC) has modernized its network in phases with Alepo’s Digital BSS Transformation. The operator first deployed Alepo’s Digital BSS, using Blue Arcus’s network expertise, for the launch of its LTE and WiFi services. This has now been extended to support all its communication services on a unified converged platform. Read the news release.

Marshall Islands National Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has selected US-based LTE technology providers, Alepo and Blue Arcus, to rapidly evolve its mobile broadband infrastructure from 2G to 4G LTE and WiFi. NTA plans to offer faster, more reliable mobile broadband services, more personalized data plans and offers for every type of customer across the Marshall Islands. Read the news release.

Case Studies

ETB, the incumbent operator from Colombia, wanted to offer WiFi offload to its LTE subscribers with an uninterrupted data experience. Alepo’s Carrier WiFi helped ETB deliver consistent data connectivity over a mix of LTE and WiFi while preventing churn and improving subscriber growth. Read the full story to learn how Alepo’s solution helped ETB increase data revenue while enhancing the customer experience by five percent within one month of deployment.

BLU Telecommunications, a greenfield operator, turned to Alepo for a market-ready LTE in a Box to deploy advanced LTE and WiFi hotspot data services in Ghana. Alepo gave BLU full support for delivery, monetization, and customer experience. Read the full story on how BLU raced ahead of its competitors to seize the new LTE and WiFi markets.

White Paper

With mobile data usage on the upswing, WiFi hotspots remain the most viable part of a wireless network’s mobile data strategy to deliver instant and high-speed data connectivity in the absence of network coverage. Read Alepo’s white paper ‘5 Emerging Innovations in Carrier WiFi’ that focuses on offload and monetization.


Solution Brief

The demand for an always-connected data network is continuously rising, giving operators an opportunity to unlock new revenue streams through WiFi services. Alepo’s Carrier WiFi offers faster, more reliable service in congested or low-signal areas, with a promise of connectivity for mobile devices, while allowing network operators to leverage the many market opportunities WiFi presents. Read the solution briefs ‘Augment Your MNO Business with Alepo WiFi Offload’ and ‘Carrier WiFi in the 5G Era’ to learn all about the features, benefits, and use cases of Alepo’s Carrier WiFi solution.




WiFi offload is a dynamic way for operators to decongest their network and deliver consistent data coverage to subscribers. WiFi calling enables offloaded customers to make calls on WiFi when the cellular network falls short. Read the blog ‘WiFi Calling vs. WiFi Offload’ to learn how the two differ and what benefits the solutions provide to both operators and customers.

WiFi has evolved from a luxury to a basic necessity. Most people expect WiFi to be a free value-added service, and are spoilt for choice with a host of public WiFi options. How do operators offer a competitive quality of service while still managing to monetize their offerings? Read the blog ‘6 Ways to Monetize Free WiFi Using a Captive Portal’.


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