Alepo’s SaaS BSS solution allows small service providers (CSPs, ISPs, and MVNOs) to capitalize on digitization opportunities with minimal investment. Operators can choose from flexible cloud hosting options to go live in under 30 days and pay as they grow. Alepo Digital BSS in SaaS model provides standard modules of business support systems, preconfigured fixed and mobile broadband plans, and 24x7 managed service operations, while a dedicated customer success manager ensures faster return on investment and reduced time-to-market.

Enable Digital CX

Alepo SaaS BSS helps operators rapidly transform and adapt their business for modern technology trends. Digital BSS enables automation of back-office processes and digital customer experience for their staff and subscribers.

Digitize and Automate Processes

Streamlines business operations, including sales and support efforts, by offering:

  • Out-of-the-box functionalities
  • Intuitive user experiences
  • B2B offerings
  • Automated workflows for order management
  • Service activation
  • Billing and invoicing

Modern and Sophisticated Self-Care

Web and mobile self-care with AI chatbots reduce CSR workloads and enable instant troubleshooting, lowering operating costs and churn rates. Online payments, recharges, gifting, and other promotional features drive new revenue streams with no overhead costs in a digital-first approach.

Deploy Modules Rapidly

Alepo SaaS BSS has proven interoperability with network elements for rapid deployment. The highly-available Alepo solution ensures swift delivery of reliable, secured and data privacy-compliant network services. Regular software updates and maintenance help Alepo customers have a competitive edge in maintaining a stronger position as the market evolves. In addition to the 24×7 managed service operations, a dedicated CSM provides full assistance to operators during the trial subscription and after onboarding.

The standard BSS modules that are part of the solution include:

  • CRM and Admin Portal
  • Product Catalog
  • Online and Offline Charging
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Payment Management
  • Issue Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Provisioning
  • Business Reporting
  • Mobile and Web Self-Care

For details on each of the modules, download the SaaS BSS flyer.

Drive New Revenue

Alepo Digital BSS in SaaS model enables operators to be up and running in less than 30 days. The ready-to-use billing platform ensures quick service rollouts and faster returns. The initial subscription comes with a set of subscriber licenses that let CSPs start capitalizing on BSS opportunities, granting them the flexibility of a usage-based subscription as they expand.

Capitalize on out-of-the-box customer journeys and the help of Alepo’s team to test, launch, and monetize proven use cases.

CSM for digital bss SaaS solution

Succeed with a CSM

The platform comes with the benefit of a dedicated customer success manager (CSM) that guides customers throughout their relationship with Alepo. These CSMs are subject matter experts who possess a deep knowledge of Alepo products and solutions as well as the telecommunications industry. They ensure that customers get the most value from Alepo’s solutions, from setup to driving growth.

The role of Alepo’s CSM:

  • Sets up the operator’s cloud instance (tenants)
  • Provides consulting and implementation services
  • Provides recommendations based on best practices and local regulatory requirements
  • Acts as a bridge between the operator’s and Alepo’s internal teams
  • Updates the operator on new features
  • Ensures issues are resolved promptly

To get started or to activate your free trial account, reach out to our CSM team at

Want to see the SaaS BSS in action? Request a demo.

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