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Policy Charging & Rules Function (PCRF)

Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF)

Alepo’s Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) lets operators make informed policy decisions, launch innovative services ahead of the competition, and generate higher revenue on fixed and mobile broadband networks.

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Experience Policy 3.0

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Monetize Data Services

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Beat the Competition

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Make Smart Decisions

Experience Policy 3.0

Policy 3.0 is an evolution of policy and charging control; its primary focus is the customer experience.

Engage with Customers

Operators can create highly contextual, personalized data plans and offers that resonate with subscribers’ digital lifestyles, such as bandwidth on demand, family data sharing, location-based offers, international data roaming, pay as you go, to name a few.

Put the Power of Policy in Subscribers’ Hands

Alepo’s award-winning My Mobile Buddy mobile app gives subscribers control of their own data experiences, allowing them to:

  • Buy prepaid and roaming data
  • Gift data to friends and family
  • Select their own bandwidth speeds
  • Set family data allowances
  • Manage usage and real-time alerts

Send Real-Time Usage Alerts and Instant Offers

Subscribers can be reached in real-time with automatically generated SMS and email alerts. So, for example, they can immediately be informed if they are approaching their data limit, or if there’s a new Snapchat promotion available, or that they have exceeded the operator’s fair use policy.

Monetize Data Services

Advanced policy and charging control generates new mobile broadband revenue streams.

Tailor Plans to Every Subscriber’s Needs

In today’s competitive market, data plans need to be as diverse as an operator’s customer base. Alepo’s PCRF offers data-driven business insights to easily segment customers, making it possible to create targeted offers that maximize ARPU while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Lead Prepaid and Postpaid Data Offers

Alepo’s PCRF is the most sophisticated and versatile prepaid data monetization platform available today, propelling operators into the lead in the prepaid data market. It is equipped to expand existing prepaid data business models, as well as launch new ones.


Create Win-Win Partnerships with OTT Providers

Operators can easily distinguish themselves from competition and win over customers with zero-rated and sponsored app promotions. Alepo’s PCRF makes it simple to create revenue-sharing agreements with over-the-top (OTT) providers and other partners.


Beat the Competition

Operators can stay ahead of fast-moving mobile data trends and respond instantly to competitors’ offers.

Slash Time-to-Market (TTM) from Days to Minutes

New policy packages can be designed in a matter of minutes using Alepo’s rich library of pre-built policy templates and modern user interface, allowing users to:


  • Drag and drop use cases into play
  • Reorder use cases based on priority
  • Visualize rule logic and hierarchy
  • Significantly reduce configuration time and error
Get New Policy Use Cases as they Emerge

Alepo’s PCRF is constantly updated with innovative, in-demand use cases in the template library.

Unite Your Business and Technical Teams

The Alepo PCRF offers a common language for policy and charging control. Rule configurations are mapped directly to the business use cases they enable, saving time and effort in translation.

Interested in creating custom policy use cases?

 Download the PCRF Whitepaper >

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Make Smart Decisions

Alepo’s PCRF offers real-time business insights and analytics, ensuring sound decision-making backed by the latest, most relevant data.

Discover Meaningful Subscriber Insights and Trends

With built-in reports and real-time analytics, Alepo’s PCRF offers information on subscribers, networks, applications, and more. Access to this data allows operators to optimize resources, segment customers by usage patterns, and create targeted data offers that drive up revenue.

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News Releases

Alepo won a policy award for ‘Best Use of Policy on a Device’ for its policy control companion mobile app. The award was presented by Informa, and judged by a panel of leading policy control experts, during the 2016 Policy Control Conference in Berlin, Germany. Read the news release.

Africell selected Alepo for 3G and LTE data charging and policy control in a multinational agreement. Africell will employ Alepo’s PCRF solution for its 3G and planned LTE networks across Sierra Leone, Uganda, the Gambia, and the DRC. Read the news release.

Bitflux, the winner of a national 2.3GHz spectrum license in Nigeria, chose Alepo’s convergent charging, billing, policy control and CRM platform to introduce wholesale LTE data services in Nigeria. Read the news release.

Case Studies

Greenfield operator Bitflux Communication Ltd chose Alepo’s MVNE billing platform, including an affiliate management solution, to deliver wholesale LTE services to MVNOs and MNO clients in Nigeria. Read the full story to learn how Alepo’s robust and flexible PCRF helped Bitflux rapidly create innovative data plans and promotions, reducing TTM.

Central African mobile operator Green Com S.A. wanted to offer sophisticated data plans and value-added services to its 3G subscribers, but their legacy BSS system lacked the capabilities to support them. Read the full story to explore how Alepo helped deliver both, helping the operator gain 26,000 new subscribers and reduce their churn rate by 7.5 percent within three months of project completion.

Solution Brief

Alepo’s advanced data monetization solution for ISPs, including the PCRF as a key component, enables fixed-line operators to rapidly launch differentiated and customer-focused policy 3.0 data plans. Read the solution brief to learn the role of the PCRF, and how it combats increasing market competition, boosts ARPU, enhances customer experience, and optimizes network resources.

White Paper

The soaring demand for mobile broadband does not guarantee soaring revenues. Operators are turning towards intelligent solutions, such as PCRF, to boost revenue through policy monetization, service differentiation, and customer empowerment. Read Alepo’s white paper to learn about the benefits and challenges of policy and charging integration, innovative use cases, various integration scenarios, and more.