Alepo 4G LTE Enablement Solution

Solution Brief Overview

LTE is currently the dominant mobile technology and will continue to remain relevant for several years in many emerging global markets. For operators who still run on legacy networks, LTE is still a sought-after option. Alepo’s vast experience in enabling LTE for all sizes of operators around the world makes it the ideal choice for operators.

This document provides details on Alepo’s 4G LTE Enablement solution, a complete suite that includes subscriber authentication, policy control, revenue management with real-time data and IMS voice charging, customer relationship management, analytics, and advanced promotion capabilities to propel revenue growth. The future-ready solution can be rapidly deployed and lets operators launch offers quickly.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of LTE and the benefits it affords to operators
LTE helps service providers enable CX-enhancing capabilities such as high-speed data, affordable voice services, and improved network connectivity. It presents a host of cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Learn the business benefits of Alepo’s LTE Enablement solution
The solution is quick and easy to deploy, enables rapid service creation, helps service providers modernize their networks, drive revenue, boost CX, and more.

Know more about the features and highlights that set Alepo’s solution apart
Alepo’s complete LTE suite includes subscriber authentication (HSS), policy control (PCRF), converged billing, revenue management with real-time charging (OCS), advanced analytics, and a host of other components that drive revenue growth.

Understand what use cases the solution supports
Alepo’s 4G LTE solution enables advanced use cases that increase data ARPU, improve CX, protect market share, and grant operators more control over their networks. These include bandwidth on demand, data gifting, data passes, corporate plans, promotions and offers, tiered services, advanced BI insights, and more.

LTE Enablement Solution
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