5 Emerging Innovations in Carrier-Grade WiFi

White Paper Overview

As customers consume more mobile data, WiFi hotspots help operators deliver high-speed internet services on mobile devices, unlocking new revenue opportunities as well as reducing congestion on cellular networks.

This document reveals five emerging innovations surrounding carrier-grade WiFi offload and monetization that are advancing opportunities for wireless carriers in making WiFi hotspots a fundamental and viable part of their mobile data strategy.

Key Takeaways

Learn how operators can leverage carrier WiFi to boost revenue and network performance
Carrier-grade WiFi provides relatively a low cost per byte, optimizes network resources, relieves network congestion by offloading to hotspots, improves CX, boosts customer loyalty and ARPU, and more.

Know more about the WiFi innovations that maximize ROI
The key innovations include secure and automatic WiFi offload, enabling carrier services over WiFi, enhancing network discovery and selection, monetizing hotspots, and forging partnerships across the WiFi ecosystem.

Read an Alepo case study of successful WiFi deployment
Alepo helped a leading operator build and grow their WiFi hotspot business model, helping to maximize monetization of services, preventing revenue leaks, developing revenue-sharing partnerships, and more.

Carrier-grade WiFi solutions
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