5G-Ready Digital Business Support System 

Flyer Overview

Alepo’s cloud-native 5G Digital Business Support System (BSS) helps fixed and mobile telecom operators innovate their service offerings and deliver digital-first experience. The 5G BSS streamlines and automates business operations. It provides a modern and convergent platform for service providers to manage and monetize their legacy networks while introducing innovative new 5G use cases.

Alepo has nearly two decades of expertise in building OSS/BSS architecture for global networks. As a frontrunner in enabling 5G connectivity for operators of all sizes, its 5G Digital BSS helps drive ROI and deliver CX-focused experiences. The BSS stack is constantly evolved so operators can meet ever-evolving customer demands for next-gen data services. Further, it enables them to measure success throughout the full customer lifecycle. It provides advanced BI insights to enable sound business decisions.

This flyer provides details about Alepo’s 5G Digital BSS modules, including digital CRM, convergent billing and charging, omnichannel self-care, partner management, enterprise IoT billing, and more.

Key Takeaways

Learn what Alepo’s 5G Digital BSS lets you do
The Digital BSS helps communications service providers become digital service providers. It provides new monetization channels, reduce costs, implement virtualized and open 5G-ready architecture, and more.

Understand the next-gen capabilities it enables
The three important aspects of the industry-leading 5G digital business support system: engagement, operations, and architecture. It supports AI chatbots, data-driven marketing, efficient processes, agile DevOps, and more.

Gain insights to the BSS modules
The convergent 5G BSS includes a CRM + digital engagement platform, omnichannel self-care, partner management, workflow management, enterprise management, and a host of other next-gen-ready modules.

Discover the features that set it apart
A host of USPs make Alepo’s 5G Digital BSS the platform of choice for telecom operators looking to digitally transform their business.

5G-ready digital BSS
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