5G-Ready Digital Business Support System (BSS)

Document Overview

Alepo’s 5G-ready and cloud-native Digital BSS helps fixed and mobile telecom operators innovate their service offerings, deliver digital-first experience, and streamline business operations. The modern and convergent platform enables them to manage and monetize their legacy networks and introduce 5G use cases. This flyer provides details about its modules, including digital CRM, convergent billing and charging, omnichannel self-care, partner management, enterprise IoT billing, and more.

Key Takeaways
  • Learn how Alepo’s Digital BSS helps communications service providers become digital service providers
  • Gain more information about the three important aspects of Alepo’s industry-leading digital business support system: engagement, operations, and architecture
  • Discover the features that set it apart and make it the platform of choice for telecom operators looking to digitally transform their business
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