7 Customer Trends that Drive Convergent Charging

White Paper Overview

The telecommunications landscape has drastically transformed over the past few years, owing to the growth in mobility, increasing smartphone adoption, persistence of WiFi, and surge in data usage on fixed and mobile networks. The customer, and therefore customer experience, are now the main driving force for operators. As customer expectations evolve, they create new challenges for service providers to remain innovative and profitable.

This white paper explores how new customer trends have disrupted the traditional rules of revenue and are compelling service providers to adopt more advanced convergent charging and billing. These modern solutions facilitate the rollout of innovative new products, enabling service providers to stay ahead of evolving market demands to boost revenue and increase customer loyalty.

Key Takeaways

Discover the top customer trends that drive CSPs to implement advanced charging
Customers today want more from their operators: intuitive and convenient self-management, personalized services, real-time account updates, OTT services, and more.

Learn about the innovative offerings that convergent charging enables operators to provide
With an advanced convergent charging solution, service providers can create innovative and contextual offerings that help them explore diverse business models and revenue opportunities.

Know what to look for when evaluating solutions
Operators should select a solution that achieves five-nines availability, is standards-compliant, employs open APIs and interfaces, integrates seamlessly with legacy charging systems, and more.

Convergent Charging
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