A leading South Asian MNO implements Alepo’s Virtualized AAA (vAAA)

Case Study Overview

One of the largest in South Asia, the mobile network operator (MNO) servie a large portion of its country’s subscribers with mobile, fixed broadband, and DTH services, needed to strengthen its network and provide a sophisticated customer experience to its ever-growing subscriber base. It wanted a customized and trustworthy solution to identify low coverage LTE network areas and proactively help in troubleshooting to keep the network operational, making Alepo’s carrier-grade virtualized AAA an ideal choice.

This case study details how Alepo’s vAAA infrastructure helped the MNO enable an uninterrupted service experience for its growing subscriber base and become future-ready to support 5G.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of the project background
Alepo delivered a successful proof of concept that met all the MNO’s requirements, including non-standard customizations to the authentication server.

Understand the operator’s requirements
In addition to the customizations, the MNO wanted a virtualized deployment to lower costs and ensure faster time to market (TTM). They also wanted to seamlessly migrate their enterprise, GPON/fiber, and LTE services to the Alepo vAAA.

Discover the solution components and the operator’s NFVi architecture diagram
Alepo integrated its virtualized AAA in the operator’s network and migrated its services with no downtime. Its solution also included the AAA EMS, load balancer, reporting module, and more.

Learn about the solution highlights
Alepo helped the MNO launch innovative offerings and support a growing subscriber base with a fully reliability network. The customized vAAA supported the operator’s unique authentication requirements, enabled a system to identify coverage gaps, improved BI insights for targeted promotions, and more.

Recognize the numerous business benefits enabled by Alepo’s 5G- and NFV-compliant AAA
The deployment helped the operator has set a benchmark for mobile services in its country of operation, eliminated network disruptions, improved revenue margins, and more.

Virtualized AAA vAAA
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