Tier 1 African operator deploys Alepo’s Data Network Monetization Solution

Case Study Overview

The large multinational operator, with presence across Africa, is the continent’s fastest growing network. Recognized as a trendsetter, the CSP aims to provide affordable telecommunications services in the region. As subscriber demand for mobile data offers continued to grow, the operator decided to provide a more sophisticated customer experience. To facilitate this by fortifying its platform, the operator turned to Alepo for its industry-leading Data Network Monetization Solution.

This case study explains how Alepo’s solutions helped the operator quickly monetize its data network and meet strategic business objectives.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of the project
The operator wanted to seize the up-sell opportunities that differentiated data plans could offer. This meant enabling real-time subscriber engagement, personalizing CX, offering granular pricing, and ensuring swift time-to-market for new plans. The telco wanted an advanced data monetization solution to accelerate data innovation in its 2G, 3G, and planned LTE networks by improving network resource utilization and delivering an effective revenue assurance system to improve data revenue, ARPU, brand experience, and brand loyalty.

Understand the operator’s requirements
To drive up data revenue and consumption, the operator wanted Alepo to provide a platform that would enable it to rapidly create and launch advanced plans and promotions, detect and prevent fraudulent subscriber activity, prevent revenue leaks, and more.

Learn about Alepo’s solution
Alepo’s Data Network Monetization Solution comprised policy and charging control, recharge promotion manager, product catalog, reporting, and more. The solution enabled five-nines availability, ensured a smooth migration to LTE while supporting legacy services, and included a professional services package.

Get to know the highlights of the solution
Alepo’s platform has become a steppingstone for the operator to achieve its strategic goals. Know more about of the solution architecture and the innovative and advanced data network monetization policies that have been deployed. This includes ensuring zero revenue leakage, advanced offers, improved operational efficiency, and more.

See the business use cases it supports
Using Alepo’s solution, the operator can introduce data passes based on volume and validity, roaming passes, application-based charging, location-based discounts, and much more.

Know the project outcomes
Alepo’s solution afforded a host of business benefits to the operator, unlocking new revenue streams, achieving quick turnaround for provisioning and customer inventory management, improving revenue, enhancing CX, and more.

Data Network Monetization Solution
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