AAA transformation results in six-fold network performance boost for BCL

Case Study Overview

Banglalion Communications Limited (BCL), a leading 4G wireless broadband operators, wanted to improve network performance and improve security to help boost customer experience (CX). In addition, the telecom operator also experienced security breaches that were impacting revenue and wanted to implement more robust fraud prevention mechanisms.

This case study elaborates on how Alepo’s carrier-grade AAA helped Banglalion Communications Limited (BCL) deliver faster, more reliable, and secure internet connectivity while helping to safeguard the network.

Key Takeaways

Understand the project background
The operator wanted Alepo to provide a solution to counter its network performance issues and improve network speed and stability. The region frequently experienced power outages, demanding more stable and reliable network infrastructure.

Get an overview of the operator’s business drivers and the challenges it faced
The network often experienced downtime and interruptions with slow service recovery. The operator faced high levels of fraud and abuse of network resources. BCL also wanted to phase out its manual processes and implement automations to streamline network security and management.

Know what solution components Alepo deployed to tackle the operator’s problems
Alepo replaced BCL’s legacy platform with its carrier-grade AAA infrastructure, BSS/OSS framework, prepaid charging, and more.

Discover the solution’s key features, capabilities, and architecture
Alepo’s AAA Transformation helped deliver the performance and scalability that BCL needed to transform its 4G network and prepared it for future evolution. It improved fraud management, ensured automated service restoration, and more.

Learn about the key project outcomes
BCL witnessed a six-fold increase in network performance. Its operational efficiency improved and resolution times were reduced. The project helped provide reliable, secure, and fast connectivity to boost CX for its subscribers.

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