ETB Colombia increases its ADSL network performance with Alepo’s AAA Transformation solution

Solution Brief Overview

La Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogota (ETB), a leading Colombian internet service provider (ISP), decided to fully modernize its services and network technologies. Alepo deployed its high-performing AAA infrastructure as part of the transformation to enhance the network and support advanced new services.

This case study details how switching to Alepo AAA enabled ETB Colombia to accelerate the performance of its legacy fixed broadband network. It also discusses how Alepo’s AAA Transformation solution helped the operator resolve technical issues that were causing performance lag and operational inconsistencies.

Key Takeaways

Understand the project background
ETB wanted to deliver enhanced CX and accelerate the performance and capacity of its legacy fixed broadband network.

Learn about the operator’s challenges and requirements
The operator needed Alepo to help overcome issues with its legacy system that affected the network’s reliability and service innovation capabilities. ETB needs a solution that could transform its core network infrastructure, handle changing traffic load, ensure scalability and security, and more.

Get an overview of Alepo’s solution and its modern network architecture
Alepo took a multi-dimensional approach to deliver long-term value for ETB, enabling superior network performance, improving CX, and streamlining operations.

Discover the business benefits of the project
ETB Colombia modernized its fixed broadband AAA services, boosting capacity and features to handle retail internet services. The project helps them ensure rapid service recovery, low OPEX, high network performance, and more

Understand the features and highlights of Alepo’s solution
Alepo’s performance-driven AAA provided endless scalability, improved capacity to support the operator’s growing subscriber base, and more.

AAA transformation
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