Alepo’s Broadband AAA facilitates FTTx network modernization for Wind Telecom

Case Study Overview

Wind Telecom, a leading service provider in the Dominican Republic, modernized its GPON network infrastructure for its FTTH and FTTO services by deploying Alepo’s flexible and scalable cloud-based Broadband AAA solution in the public cloud. With Alepo’s solution, Wind Telecom can eliminate manual provisioning operations, transform the customer and system user experience, introduce new services, and begin FTTx network modernization.  

Alepo’s cloud-based, low-cost infrastructure eliminated the need for physical infrastructure and manual processes, modernizing the operator’s AAA infrastructure, boosting scalability and automation, and empowering them to double their subscriber base in under two years of deployment.  

The project was deployed in partnership with a leading system integration partner, Ledefyl. Discover in the case study how Alepo’s Broadband AAA helped Wind Telecom achieve its FTTx network modernization goals.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of the project background:
With a steadily increasing demand for high-quality internet services in the Dominican Republic, Wind Telecom wanted to modernize its GPON network infrastructure for its FTTH and FTTO services. It aimed to introduce automation to minimize errors, streamline processes, bolster security, and elevate the user experience for its staff and customers. Given Alepo’s rich track record of delivering industry-leading authentication software and experience in virtualizing AAA, Alepo was Wind Telecom’s vendor of choice.

Understand the operator’s requirements:
Wind Telecom wanted to eliminate or minimize manual provisioning operations and network changes, automate processes to transform the customer and system user experience and introduce new services that can be implemented and managed agilely. Wind Telecom also wanted to begin FTTx network modernization and, rapidly expand its portfolio and integrate with Wind Telecom’s proprietary CRM and a third-party BNG platform via RADIUS, enabling scalability to support an expanding subscriber base and send messages and notifications to customers.

Know the solution components that were deployed:
Alepo deployed its flexible and scalable cloud-based Broadband AAA solution to introduce automation and streamline processes. The solution components include the Alepo AAA Server, AAA EMS Portal, Captive Portal, OLAP Server, Alepo Reporting Solution, Monitoring Tool, Configuration Manager, and Real-Time Scripting Engine.

Discover the highlights of Alepo’s solution:
Alepo’s Broadband AAA solution was deployed in the public cloud with no physical infrastructure for Wind Telecom to manage. The solution is modular, open, and virtualized, ensuring low-risk rapid implementation. It integrates seamlessly with Wind Telecom’s existing network infrastructure and CRM, enhances the operator’s ability to launch innovative offers and promotions, and provides comprehensive business insights to the operator. The platform includes use cases for FUP plans, speed cap plans, unlimited data, no speed cap plans, group policies, push policies, role-based access, alerts, and notifications.

Gain insight into the project outcomes:
Alepo’s cloud solution allowed Wind Telecom a modest initial investment and swift deployment and eliminated the hassle of network infrastructure management. With seamless subscriber migration to the new platform and zero downtime, automation reduced manual intervention, addressing all error cases. By capitalizing on Alepo’s platform, Wind Telecom unveiled features like FUP plans and a captive portal, monetizing user journeys. Utilizing data-driven insights, they launched timely promotions, experiencing exponential growth and doubling their user base in less than two years.

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