Alepo and Altai on Carrier WiFi Success

Solution Brief Overview

WiFi remains a relevant and pervasive network access technology that offers telecom operators immense potential to increase their customer reach, fill network coverage gaps, and open new revenue streams. A high-performance carrier WiFi network lets CSPs seize the many opportunities presented by WiFi. As market leaders in the domain, Alepo and Altai have collaborated to offer an end-to-end carrier WiFi solution for telecom operators. The combined solution pairs Altai’s Super WiFi base stations and access points with Alepo’s complete WiFi monetization and offload platforms.

This solution brief outlines the features and benefits of WiFi market leaders Alepo and Altai’s joint carrier WiFi offering. The solution delivers on CSPs’ most pressing WiFi opportunities and challenges, providing cost-effective and high-performing carrier-grade infrastructure to ensure successful deployment and ROI.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of the joint carrier WiFi solution
Alepo and Altai’s combined offering enables CSPs to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy carrier WiFi to support diverse use cases.

Understand the benefits of partnering with the two market leaders
Alepo and Altai provide a complete, pre-integrated, high-performance solution that has numerous real-world deployments. It has proven interoperability, further lowering deployment costs and time to market.

Learn about the unique features and capabilities of the solution
The solution enables high-capacity optimization, intuitive cloud-based management, automated and secure WiFi offload, smart antenna technology, and more.

Know more about the business models it supports
The solution lets telecom operators support one-time WiFi passes, international WiFi roaming, location-based offers, sponsored journeys, and much more.

Read case studies of successful deployments
Alepo and Altai’s solution has helped leading global telecom operators drive business success, helping them increase network capacity, ensure high-speed internet connectivity, support diverse customer bases, and more.

Carrier-WiFi Solution
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