Austin, TX, December 14, 2011 — Alepo, a leading provider of control plane & business management solutions for next generation services, announced today the introduction of the Alepo Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) to its suite of Evolved Packet Core (EPC) control plane network solutions, as well as its interoperability success at the 2011 MultiService Forum Voice over LTE Test Event.

Alepo’s Diameter Signaling Controller is an intelligent signaling framework that works to streamline and secure all Diameter signaling communication within and across Evolved Packet Core (EPC) networks.

Built in accordance to industry standards, including 3GPP, GSMA and IETF, the Alepo Diameter Signaling Controller can function fully as an IETF Diameter Agent, as 3GPP Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) to streamline communication between network nodes and enhance network performance, or as a GSMA Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) to facilitate 3G / 4G roaming and interconnect scenarios.

At the 2011 MultiService Forum Voice over LTE Interoperability Event, Alepo successfully tested its Diameter Signaling Controller and PCRF in multiple local and roaming interoperability test scenarios. Alepo’s Diameter Signaling Controller implemented standard Gx, Rx, S9, and S6a reference points, and was instrumental to the successful completion of data roaming and IMS interaction made over LTE networks between the two test sites in Germany and China.

“As core network environments become increasingly complex and diverse, operators are quickly recognizing the value of the Diameter Signaling Controller as a fundamental component required to realize next generation goals and ensure uninhibited network growth,” said Jonathan Garini, Vice President of Products at Alepo, adding, “Alepo is proud to be the first vendor to offer a field-tested and proven-interoperable Diameter Signaling Controller alongside our PCRF, OCS, AAA, HSS and ANDSF as a comprehensive Evolved Packet Core network.”

Alepo sponsored and participated in the 2011 MultiService Forum Voice over LTE Interoperability Event. The event was held at the Vodafone Test and Innovation Centre in Dusseldorf, Germany and the China Mobile Research Institute Laboratory in Beijing, China. It was backed by the GSMA as part of its work on VoLTE. The complete white paper results can be found at

About the MSF

The MultiService Forum (MSF) is a global association of service providers, system suppliers and test equipment vendors committed to developing and promoting open-architecture, multiservice Next Generation Networks. Founded in 1998, the MSF is an open-membership organization comprised of the world’s leading telecommunications companies. The MSF’s activities include developing Implementation Agreements, promoting worldwide compatibility and interoperability of network elements, and encouraging input to appropriate national and international standards bodies.

About VoLTE IOT Event 2011

The MSF hosted the VoLTE IOT 2011 Event in the Vodafone Centre for Test and Innovation in Dusseldorf and the China Mobile Research Institute Lab in Beijing in September 2011. The event was backed by the GSMA following the launch of its global VoLTE initiative in 2010, which is supported by more than 40 leading organizations in the mobile space. The event built on the major success of the previous Global MSF LTE Interoperability Event that took place during March 2010 and reflected the industry’s drive to continue to deliver major carrier driven events that benefit all its members in their quest to keep pace with an ever faster moving industry. The MSF VoLTE Interoperability test event focused on validating core network interfaces to ensure multi-vendor deployment strategies for LTE technology and validated the MSF physical scenarios developed to incorporate 3GPP LTE/EPC technology and the GSMA’s technical recommendations, focusing on Voice over LTE, with the support of China Mobile and Vodafone.

About Alepo


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