Cielux and Alepo continue their long-standing partnership by the addition of a customized MVNO module, enabling Cielux to create MVNO partnerships to leverage their existing infrastructure to increase market share and revenue.

Austin, TX, September 19, 2013 Alepo Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of control plane & business management solutions for next generation services, announced today the successful deployment of its Partner and Affiliate Module for the management of MVNO partnerships within the Cielux network for its first MVNO Partner Fastnet, a subsidiary of the famous SIMCO Group who are into mining, hotels and pharmaceutical businesses and now venturing into the ISP business.  Cielux’s existing Alepo Billing System will continue providing support for internal rating and charging while extending the network’s utility into partner networks.

Cielux first partnered with Alepo in 2009 to roll out a trailblazing high-speed 4G customer experience in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the first of its kind in the country.  The two companies have extended their partnership over the years, enabling Cielux to respond rapidly to emerging market trends.  In 2012 Cielux began branding its super-fast Internet service under the name INET while upgrading their previous Alepo elements to the latest versions include Service Enabler 8.1, Alepo’s 16e AAA Server, and PCRF Lite.

Continuing to evolve, Cielux/INET has now added an MVNO module, allowing them to use their core network as backhaul for a diverse profile of service providers, each with customized web self-care portals and automated customer hotlining to the relevant MVNO.  And with in-depth policy management, rating and charging for both prepaid and postpaid, Cielux and its partners are assured of a flexible and automated platform that leverages the existing network to rapidly increase market share and revenue.  With real-time enforcement and commission tracking, as well as interconnect billing, Cielux is also assured of a solution that captures and reports accurately on usage and revenue.

“As the market for 4G services expand, it’s crucial that we meet demand by expanding our market share in intelligent and cost-effective ways,” stated Ashwini Kumar Gogoi, CEO, INET/Cielux.  “Our continual partnership with Alepo has provided us with these tools, and our current project is no exception.”

“We are excited to continue our long-standing partnership with Cielux by introducing our MVNO customization,” stated Brandon Johnson, VP of Services at Alepo.  “We are committed to helping our partners increase their market footprint with savvy network expansions such as Cielux’s.”

About Cielux Telecom

Founded in 2003, Cielux Telecom is now one of the largest ISP in DRC, combining know-how and technical infrastructure to offer best-in-class products and solutions. In July 2009, Cielux started its operations with triple-play services: Data, VoIP, and Video based on fixed WiMAX technology IEEE802.16d on local loop in 3.5 GHz licensed frequency. With its own VSAT Hubs, ISP, and Microwave license, Cielux was able to set up a carrier-class core network infrastructure across DRC. In July 2012, Cielux launched its high-speed mobile 4G like data services based on IEEE802.16e technology in 2.5 GHz licensed frequency in Kinshasa under the brand INET. Cielux is proud to have generated a good customer base, including many renowned corporate customers to date in just 1 year after launch. Cielux will be expanding its operations to all other major cities of DRC within H1 2014. This will pave the way for whole DRC to experience the next generation high-speed mobile broadband services.

About Alepo

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