Alepo Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Overview

Solution Brief Overview

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) has dominated the conversation in the communications industry in recent years. From network planning discussions to soon-to-launch products, more and more operators are looking to NFV.

This solution brief discusses the role of NFV and Alepo’s products and solutions available in a virtualized or private cloud network environment.

Key Takeaways

Understand what NFV is and how it works
Network functions virtualization essentially decouples software-based network functions from the underlying hardware infrastructure. Network functions are run on virtualized machines (VMs) and physical resources are also distributed across VMs.

Understand the benefits it offers to operators
NFV equips CSPs with agile and flexible network architecture that helps reduce costs, rapid service innovation, and swift time-to-market.

Read about Alepo’s Network Functions Virtualization success stories
These detailed case studies provide insights on how Alepo’s virtualized solutions have benefited leading global telecom operators. Alepo ensure seamless deployment and migration and the projects resulted in significant business success.

Know more about Alepo’s expertise in virtualized deployments
Alepo has a 100% project success record as a proven technology vendor. Our expertise and experience ensure rapid and successful deployment in any network environment. Alepo helps global operators create roadmaps to enable rapid service innovation, data monetization, and ROI.

Network Functions Virtualization NFV
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