With inaugural contracts already signed with leading mobile operators, Alepo introduces a standards-based OMA DM Server to ease end-to-end device management for next generation networks by automating firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) updates, bootstrapping, diagnostics, provisioning, configuration, monitoring, lock and wipe, and reporting. February 14, 2011, Barcelona, Spain – Alepo announced today the introduction of a standards-built OMA DM Server for comprehensive device management across all next generation networks, including WiMAX and LTE. With the capability to activate and remotely manage all devices over the air, the OMA DM Server has captured the attention of leading service providers, with contracts signed and deployments planned for early 2011. Built on Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) DM 1.2 and collaborative WiMAX Forum standards, Alepo’s OMA DM Server eases and automates end-to-end mobile device management by enabling Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates, diagnostics, bootstrapping, provisioning, configuration, monitoring, lock and wipe, and reporting. An administrative interface allows for point-and-click configuration and navigation, making it easy to schedule firmware update campaigns, generate factory settings for OEMs, and provide remote customer support. With support for both factory and OTA bootstrapping methods, Alepo’s OMA DM Server ensures that all devices, whether subsidized by the service provider or purchased through an independent retail channel, are discovered and remotely provisioned to the operator’s network without manual intervention by the customer or support desk. Integration with Alepo’s Self Activation portal or a third-party subscriber portal creates a simple and consistent customer activation experience. “Across all devices, customers demand a ubiquitous and intuitive experience that provides the instant gratification of purchasing a new device and using it right away without a cumbersome activation process,” stated Jonathan Garini, Alepo Vice President of Products. He added, “A high-performing OMA DM Server enhances and automates the activation process, which increases customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs and the strain on customer support staffs.” With a built-in, OMA-defined firmware update management object (FUMO), the Alepo OMA DM Server automates FOTA updates for hands-off delivery of new services, security updates and critical fixes to bugs that may interfere with network operations. In addition to firmware updates, other necessary OTA configuration changes to mobile devices may include: radio frequencies, NAP ID, RAPL, CAPL, voice service parameters, subscription information, and more. “Firmware updates and configuration changes are an inevitable factor of any new and rapidly evolving technology such as WiMAX and LTE, and service providers must plan accordingly to avoid potential network or device impingements,” said Garini, adding, “Alepo’s OMA DM Server achieves a highly efficient, hands-off solution by delivering firmware updates over the air.” Alepo’s OMA DM Server integrates seamlessly with other network elements, including Alepo’s 16e AAA Server, convergent BSS / OSS platform, and subscriber portal. The Alepo OMA DM Server can readily be deployed as a pre-integrated element of a complete Alepo WiMAX CSN or can integrate in a multi-vendor environment via standard APIs and protocols.

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