In the latest release of Alepo Service Enabler 9.2, Alepo has introduced new and advanced features for the delivery and monetization of IP data services. Alepo SE 9.2 is already in live production at a mobile operator in West Africa.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015, Austin, TX – Alepo,,  a leading provider of network and IT software solutions for global communications service providers, announced today the latest release of its signature BSS / OSS framework, Service Enabler 9.2, which boasts new and advanced capabilities for the creation, monetization, and delivery of innovative data plans and promotions. SE 9.2 is already in live production at a major fixed mobile operator in West Africa with numerous deployments underway.

In SE 9.2, Alepo introduced Package Advisor – an intelligent tool that assists subscribers in the online shopping experience by guiding them to select the best data plan based on their usage patterns, habits, or other criteria. The Package Advisor helps customers to navigate the mass of choices at a time when communications service providers’ product offerings and promotions are burgeoning with personalized and differentiated plans.

“On one hand, communications service providers today are creating some of the most inventive and competitive data plans we’ve ever seen – social media app bundles, buy one get one free promotions, trial offers for video on demand – plans that are really tailored to subscribers’ lifestyles,” said Danielle Russell, Marketing Director at Alepo. “On the other hand, this wealth of choice can make it difficult to find the plan that works best for you, and so the Alepo Package Advisor can help subscribers to narrow down the options and to select the right one for them.”

Russell also noted the importance of creating a simple and intuitive customer shopping experience, as does the Package Advisor, in order to reduce drop-off and customer churn.

In addition to the Package Advisor, Alepo SE 9.2 enables service providers to bring new products and offers to market faster than ever, whether family plans or shared plans, data rollover, loyalty rewards, free apps, or others. Service providers can quickly create and push these offers via automate promotional campaigns towards specific customer segments.

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