To meet the growing demands of bandwidth-hungry 4G networks and maintain network integrity, Alepo introduces its Policy Manager for dynamic, real-time policy management.

July 21, 2010, Austin, TX — Alepo Technologies Inc., a leading provider of BSS/OSS solutions for next generation services, announced today the introduction of the Alepo Policy Manager for comprehensive, real-time policy management. Offering such advanced features as on-the-fly QoS changes and bandwidth changes based on consumed content, the Policy Manager offers a more customized user experience while maintaining network integrity.

In today’s 4G environment, the use of bandwidth-intensive smart devices is becoming commonplace, often stretching network resources to capacity. For service providers, the demand to offer a more interactive user experience while optimizing network resources and enforcing fair access policies grows increasingly challenging.

The Alepo Policy Manager meets this demand by offering dynamic policy changes. A “turbo button” allows users to temporarily boost bandwidth on demand, while the bandwidth downgrade feature guards network integrity by downgrading overactive users and enforcing maximum download policies.

“Handling network congestion without a noticeable decline in service quality is a key concern in a marketplace where services delivered over internet are increasing faster than the network technology.  Alepo’s Policy Manager is able to take this potential market pitfall and create an opportunity, maintaining network integrity and customer satisfaction through more fine-grained product offerings,” stated Jonathan Garini, Vice President of Products at Alepo.

With initial deployments at Digicel Jamaica, Telkom Kenya and Nigerian service provider, Cobranet, demand for the high-performing Alepo Policy Manager is evident. By including the Alepo Policy Manager in a complete Alepo BSS/OSS solution, these leading service providers assure themselves not only of a highly responsive system, but also of product offerings custom-suited to their customer base, increasing customer satisfaction and increasing revenue per customer.

Alepo’s Policy Manager a component of Alepo’s Policy Management solutions. The Policy Manager may be deployed as a stand-alone element or in combination with Alepo’s record-performing 16e AAA Server for a comprehensive policy management system.

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