November 11, 2009, Capetown, South Africa — Alepo Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of OSS/BSS solutions for next generation services, announced today its partnership with Telkom Kenya, the leading provider of voice services in the country, to provide a fixed mobile convergent solution that can offer a consistent user experience and single account for both fixed and mobile services. Alepo will provide a fixed mobile solution through integration with various legacy IT systems, creating centralized balance and identity management.  Alepo will aid Telkom Kenya in providing a customer-centric network that includes automatic activation and pairing of devices, hotlining, comprehensive voucher management, and customer self-care via web portal, allowing for customers to purchase and manage multiple services on a single account, from a single web-based interface. In selecting Alepo, Telkom Kenya is assured of a solution that is not only feature-rich, but also serves to lower operational expenses by automating service activation and customer care, while also allowing for the rapid introduction of new services without service interruptions. Alepo was chosen to deploy the following proprietary products:  AAA Server, IN to IP Charging Gateway, Billing and Charging engine, Customer Self-Care Module, Activation Module, Provisioning Module, and the Alepo Voucher Management System. Alepo was chosen due to its flexibility, maturity and experience. “We look forward to aiding Telkom Kenya to increase market share by providing a consistent user experience across all services and creating an infrastructure that eases the introduction of new products and services,” stated Jonathan Garini, Vice President of Products at Alepo.

About Telkom Kenya

Telkom Kenya was established as a telecommunications operator under the Companies Act in April 1999. They are proud to play a prominent role in the information and communications technology sector, serving millions of Kenyans across the country. The company currently has a customer base of about 500,000 customers on both fixed and CDMA wireless with a country-wide presence.

About Alepo

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