The new design is clean, modern, and approachable, and represents one digitally connected world.

Thursday, February 25, 2021, AUSTIN: Digital enablement and core network solutions provider Alepo has unveiled its modernized logo and updated branding. The change comes after a climactic year with 5G core solutions going live and a new portfolio of products reaching a record number of customers undertaking digital transformation projects. 

Alepo President Derrick Gross said, “The past year has been incredible, filled with challenges, transformation, and customer success. The pandemic may have disconnected us from each other physically, but it accelerated digital connectivity to bring the world closer together. As we move forward into the 5G era, our mission to empower customers for digital success has become more clear, and our new logo design represents exactly this: a digitally connected globe.”

Alepo Logo

This new version of the logo is clean and modern. It retains the high-impact red from the previous design with a brighter plum tint. The solid triangle adjacent to the ‘A’ is now replaced by a more fluid circle or “globe” with curved lines representing next-gen digital networks and a superimposed lowercase ‘a’ conveying Alepo’s vision and role in facilitating global connectivity.  

The overall branding and design are minimalistic, and so are the fonts, reflecting Alepo’s focus on creating accessible products with universally recognizable, simple, and easy-to-use UIs that are centered around building delightful customer experiences. The predominant color across the website and collateral is a dependable and reliable blue, eliciting trust and loyalty to complement the boldness and confidence that the logo exudes. An assertive and energetic plum accompanies the blue as the secondary color.


Speaking of how Alepo adapted to the global shift to a more digital lifestyle, Gross said, “As a digital enablement company, we feel we’ve truly come of age. We’ve been building our 5G and digital BSS product portfolio over the past several years for this purpose, and took the challenges that 2020 presented to seize new opportunities, embracing this digital revolution with modern, advanced, and cost-effective solutions to cater to our clients wherever they are in the world. So we thought it fitting that our company branding should reflect our new-and-improved mission.

Gross explained how Alepo tackled global travel bans and social distancing norms: “Travel restrictions meant our experts were unable to be physically onsite to implement projects, but we worked round-the-clock to ensure our customers were successful: remotely deploying our solutions in partnership with their engineering teams or with local partners. In the years to come, we will continue to foster local relationships to build and develop global networks. And our R&D remains focused on building ROI-driven solutions that support service providers in providing advanced CX-focused and 5G offerings to their customers.”

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