Expand your market reach with Alepo’s Mobile POS (mPOS)

Product Brief Overview

Alepo’s mPOS lets operators expand their market reach by creating a vast ecosystem of agents, dealers, and distributors (commonly termed as users) who can convert any internet-enabled device into a mobile POS (point of sale). It leverages digital technology to enhance in-person sales and support activities.

This product brief lists out the technical capabilities of Alepo mPOS, what it helps operators deliver, and the business benefits it enables.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of Alepo’s mPOS
The mobile POS solution provides a mobile app and web portal to provide one app for all users, streamlining sales and support activities. It has an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface that simplifies operations for users.

Understand the solution architecture
Pre-integrated with Alepo’s Digital BSS, the platform helps automate processes and provide a seamless user experience.

Discover the business benefits for operators
Alepo’s mPOS helps operators swiftly and easily expand their subscriber base by increasing their market reach through new sales channels. It boosts CX, lowers OPEX, and more.

Gain insights into what Alepo’s mPOS delivers
Operators can empower their ecosystem of dealers and distributors to sell on the go, improve customer service, and effortlessly manage their accounts. The platform provides a host of advanced capabilities such as a centralized product catalog, easy wizard-based onboarding, KYC verification, reporting and analytics, and much more.

Learn about the platform’s USPs
The all-device-friendly mobile POS platform is designed for all CSP users, built using the latest tools and techniques, and more.

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