ACS ensure zero network downtime with Alepo’s managed service offerings

Case Study Overview

Leading turnkey solutions provider Amara Communications Co., Ltd. (ACS) partnered with Alepo to enter the service provider market with the launch of ananda, Myanmar’s first LTE-only service. The greenfield operator introduced high-speed internet services through differentiated and personalized plans, providing subscribers a sophisticated digital experience.

Alepo’s Digital BSS helped ACS rapidly create, launch, and monetize services. Alepo’s managed service offerings (MSO) helped build a business continuity plan to ensure the operator can swiftly adapt to changing market trends. Amara Communications recorded over 60K subscribers within its first month of launch.

This case study details how Alepo facilitated significant revenue growth, ensuring zero network downtime from the beginning, and helping launch innovative marketing campaigns.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of ACS’s business goals and motivations for the project
ACS wanted to cater to evolving customer demands for high-quality internet and digital services, launching the LTE-only service before any of its competitors.

Understand the operator’s requirements
ACS wanted to introduce unlimited and volume-based FUP plans, bonuses, and win-back offers; gain BI insights to create targeted promotions; ensure zero revenue leakage for its services; deploy MSO to optimize costs and resources; and more.

See the components of Alepo’s solution
Alepo’s deployed key modules such as CRM, billing, inventory management, and more. The solution provides advanced analytics to facilitate the operator to configure and launch highly contextual and differentiated offerings, helping stay ahead of competition.

Get to know about Alepo’s Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC) and MSO
Alepo’s GTAC is an in-house technical support cell that operates 24x7x365. The team of experts ensured that ACS could deliver uninterrupted services with plans in place for swift disaster recovery. The GTAC team also provided hands-on training to ACS on how to configure and manage plans and offerings, helped resolve pre- and post-launch technical issues, and more.

Discover the highlights and architecture of Alepo’s offering
The platform supports rapid service monetization, real-time reporting, secure e-recharge, and much more.

Know what business use cases it supports
Alepo’s offering supports customized customer registration and dealer journeys, emergency data credit, inventory sale from warehouses at different locations, and much more.

Learn about the project outcomes
Alepo helped ACS launch high-speed internet services with differentiated and personalized offers in Yangon and Mandalay, ensuring network reliability, and more.

See what the CEO of Amara Communications has to say about Alepo
The CEO was all praise for Alepo, especially its GTAC and MSO.

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