Augment Your MNO Business with Alepo WiFi Offload

Solution Brief Overview

Data consumption continues to increase and is leading to a spectrum crunch. As demand for high data speeds and better signalling traffic grows, offloading traffic to a WiFi network helps mobile network operators (MNOs) alleviate congestion and use their network resources more efficiently.

Alepo’s WiFi Offload is part of its Carrier WiFi solution. It utilizes WiFi hotspot networks to reduce the load on mobile data networks so operators can improve capacity while optimizing their resources. And, in doing so, it helps maximize revenue.

This solution brief describes what makes Alepo’s WiFi Offload – a part of the end-to-end Carrier WiFi solution – a win-win for operators and subscribers.

Key Takeaways

Understand how WiFi offload works
Offloading traffic to a WiFi hotspot network helps operators alleviate network congestion as data demands continue to surge.

Learn about the business benefits of Alepo WiFi Offload
It helps operators increase their mobile data footprint, lower operational costs, reduce churn, and more.

Discover the components of the solution
Alepo’s carrier-grade solution includes AAA, AAA EMS, Alepo Mobile Connection Manager, and more. It enables MNOs to successfully offload mobile data to a WiFi network. The highly stable platform provides a flexible architecture and easily integrates with any best-of-breed stack.

Gain insights into the advantages of deploying with Alepo
Alepo’s zero-impact solution enables rapid and cost-effective deployment by leveraging existing WiFi infrastructure, requiring minimal network element upgrades. Alepo enables ongoing 24x7x365 technical support. Alepo’s solution heightens the user experience for end customers and system users, reduces deployment time and costs, maximizes ROI, has end-to-end solution partners, and more.

Read examples of the use cases it enables
The platform enables service convergence (bundling), promotional offers, offloading to partner networks, and more.

Wifi Offload
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