Autelan and Alepo offer service providers rapid deployment of a robust fully-integrated Wi-Fi platform

Austin, TX, August 2, 2013 AUTELAN and Alepo jointly announced today a technology partnership to enable seamless interoperability for Wi-Fi services.  The technology partnership has important implications for the growing wireless broadband marketplace.  Providers are now presented with a complete out-of-the-box solution for both Wi-Fi Offload and Wi-Fi Monetization.  For Wi-Fi providers of all sizes, the partnership promises a seamless and robust solution for the management of Wi-Fi networks. 3G/4G Mobile providers are also assured of a complete solution that can leverage existing infrastructure to reduce the strain on overtaxed mobile networks.  For both cases, providers are assured of reduced integration costs and a rapid deployment.

AUTELAN Access Points and WLAN Controllers and Alepo’s Service Enabler Wi-Fi Hotspot Monetization and Offload platform will seamlessly authenticate a subscriber smartphone to a Wi-Fi network with roaming across the wireless network as it comes within range of the AUTELAN access point. To realize this, an EAP-SIM/AKA device enrolled for 3G/4G Offload can be securely authenticated and offloaded onto the Wi-Fi network without intervention from the subscriber.  The Alepo Wi-Fi Offload platform also serves as a gateway towards the mobile core network, communicating with the HLR to match the subscriber’s identity.  The result is a seamless and hands-free offload process that will benefit most 3G/4G Mobile Operators or ISPs supporting Mobile Operators with internet services.  A similar scenario can be supported for devices that do not support EAP-SIM/AKA like previous versions of Android phones.

With this Technology Partnership, Autelan and Alepo provide an innovative Portal authentication business model for Wi-Fi networks.  This business model provides for a network solution that ranges from free Wi-Fi access to fully monetized internet services enabling localized advertisement revenues.  The joint solution provides a Self-service platform, and an “apps” solution which interworks with the Autelan Wireless Access Controller and Access Points for carrier customers.  The Autelan Wi-Fi system uses SSID, and location based portals with EAP-SIM/AKA authentication for offload.

“The Wi-Fi market continues to grow and become an important aspect of all 4G providers,” said Jonathan Garini, Alepo Vice President of Products. “Integration of Alepo’s Wi-Fi Hotspot Monetization and Offload solution with AUTELAN demonstrates our dedication to providing operators with complete end-to-end solutions that aid them in deploying robust networks capable of fully capitalizing on these wireless opportunities.”

“Autelan’s Wi-Fi system comprises of Indoor & Outdoor Access Points and Wi-Fi Base Stations that can offer the most cost-effective solution in providing comprehensive wireless coverage. With the core Wireless Access Controller that can support central management of millions of APs, RF channel optimization and RF power control, Autelan’s CUBE technology guarantees high availability of wireless networks and the best user experience. And now with our partnership with Alepo, we can provide an authentic end-to-end Wi-Fi offload solution and an operable wireless network to carrier customers.” stated Rockies Ma, Managing Director of Autelan APAC region.

Alepo’s Wi-Fi Offload platform is a complete, carrier-grade solution that consists of Alepo’s high-performance EAP / AAA framework, policy controller, MAP / SS7 gateway, and more. The solution falls within Alepo’s greater Carrier Wi-Fi solutions portfolio, which also features innovative products and solutions for Wi-Fi hotspot monetization, intelligent access network discovery and selection (ANDSF), and more. Alepo has implemented real-world, proven network solutions for leading service providers for over 17 years.



Established in June 2007, AUTELAN has become one of the global leaders in wireless and IP broadband carrier grade network solutions within five years. Autelan is primarily focused on providing state-of-art telecommunication products for operators, cable carrier, enterprise networks, as well as other services within the scope of the wireless market. Autelan is currently supplying Wi-Fi products to China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom and Indonesia PT TELKOM for Carrier Wi-Fi Hotspot and Seamless Offload application.

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