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Why ISP’s Need Data Monetization

As internet usage becomes a bandwidth-straining practice, a data monetization strategy remains an ideal solution for ISPs to retain and grow their customer base and earn higher data revenue while combating the threat of OTT.

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Native WiFi Calling Gaining Ground on OTT Calling

With all the benefits of native WiFi calling, it’s easy to see why OTT apps are losing their stronghold on the WiFi calling market. The seamless handoff from cellular to WiFi call helps customers remain mobile, even when the calls begin.

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WiFi Calling vs. WiFi Offload

The two types of technology are both constantly talked about, and often in relation with one another. WiFi offload and calling present the perfect opportunity to increase revenue, customer satisfaction, and quality of service in a highly competitive market with falling profits.

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CSP to DSP: A Journey of Transformation

The evolution of mobile technologies has led to an enlarged customer base with evolved demands. As technologies and consumers evolve, CSPs are relying on digital services for success and adapting accordingly.

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