Blu Ghana launches LTE and WiFi rapidly with Alepo ‘LTE in a Box’ Solution

Document Overview

This case study details how Alepo’s complete LTE in a Box solution helped Blu Ghana rapidly launch and monetize advanced LTE and WiFi hotspot data services, including advanced 4G data plans like video on demand, tiered bandwidth speeds, app bundles, and more.

Key Takeaways
  • Understand the operator’s primary requirements, including a stringent regulatory launch deadline
  • Learn about Alepo’s solution, its components, and its architecture
  • Gain insights into Alepo’s approach to tackling each of Blu Ghana’s challenges
  • Get to know what services Alepo provided to ensure the project was deployed smoothly from implementation to delivery and beyond
  • Discover the project’s successful outcomes and how they benefited the operator
  • Read what the company’s COO said about Alepo in helping them meet their goals
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