How BSS can be turned into a telecom business profit generator

25th of August 2019

A BSS solution encompasses a wide spectrum of functionalities such as billing, rating and charging, customer experience, customer care, CRM, fulfilment, and revenue management, which can be turned into a growth-enabling driver when each piece is modernized and streamlined. Here, we analyze ways that a robust BSS solution can become a profit generator.

Predicting customer churn

Telecom companies can leverage advanced analytics to seek value from data residing in the BSS, OSS and CRM, among others. By leveraging data gathered from customer usage, transactions, complaints, billing and social media, predictive models can be built to identify potential churners. This, in turn, helps telecom companies to roll out offers, promotions and services to win and keep loyal customers.

Promoting a personalised customer experience

Digital users accept nothing short of unique, personalised experiences. By implementing a digital BSS system, telecom companies can capture interaction data and create targeted customer interactions. Whether it is the need to address network issues, reward loyalty, or recommend offers, telecom companies can leverage AI and deep learning to meet real-time customer demands. Additionally, BSS data, network data and performance data can be integrated to get a 360-degree view of the customer, giving companies the full picture necessary to create targeted offers that increase both ARPU and customer satisfaction.

Establishing innovative service lines

Cloud-based services are an increasingly important part of any provider’s offerings. Not only is their appeal becoming clear to consumers, but businesses are increasingly utilizing cloud-based services to enable ease of communication to employees across the globe. A robust BSS solution allows operators to bundle cloud-based services into more traditional offerings easily, ensuring that providers can both increase ARPU and be seen as innovative operators.

Promoting agility and increased efficiency

Additionally, a robust BSS solution that is itself cloud-based can offer businesses the agility necessary to support emerging technologies. For IoT and M2M systems for example, a cloud-based BSS allows providers to effectively sync and juggle the multitude of partnerships entailed in these complex new systems. As emerging business opportunities emphasize agililty in a shifting and complex marketplace, a cloud-based BSS solution presents the only way to allow businesses to manage and create partnerships and products the instant opportunities arise.

In a rapidly evolving marketplace, characterized by shifts in technology and consumer lifestyle, successful companies will seize opportunities the moment they arise. In order to do so, they must utilize a BSS solution that can effectively extract insights from network intelligence by leveraging real-time data analytics, allowing providers to identity and respond to market trends as soon as they arise.

Retaining profitable customers

The cost of acquiring new customers accounts is substantial for telecom companies. Because of this high cost, it takes time for services providers to recover acquisition costs, making it  important to retain profitable customers now more than ever. And in order to do so, it is vital that providers have a complete view of the customer’s habits and history. By integrating BSS and OSS applications, telecom companies can gain a comprehensive view of the customer to make convergent billing, tiered rates and applicable discounts possible. This way, it becomes easy to analyze the value that customers bring to business. This also empowers the telecom company to differentiate offers according to the value of the customer.

Constantly enhancing average revenue per user

The constant demand to improve ARPU drives telecom companies to deliver new services that meet the demands of customers. By integrating customer-facing systems, specifically BSS, with the other systems as well as service delivery mechanisms, telecom companies can inject speed into the launch of new services.

Whether it is a need to accelerate service provisioning, introduce innovative service lines or enhance customer experience to enhance the bottom line, telecom companies can leverage a robust and modernized BSS to make these objectives a reality.

Rohit Srivastav

Rohit Srivastav

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