BSS transformation results in 10% revenue boost for Muni

Solution Brief Overview

Green Com S.A., a leading operator in Central Africa that operates under the brand name Muni, wanted to modernize its legacy BSS stack to meet swiftly evolving subscriber demands. Alepo’s BSS Transformation helped the operator modernize its infrastructure to support new 3G voice, data, and roaming services. In addition to improving revenue and ARPU, the project enabled Muni to position itself as a pioneer offering the most sophisticated mobile data plans and promotions based on real-time BI insights.

This case study details how Alepo’s BSS Transformation modernized Muni’s network, reduced their dependence on multiple vendors, enabled them to introduce compelling new use cases, and helped improve customer support. And, in just two months, they saw 10 percent higher revenues.

Key Takeaways

Understand the project background
Muni wanted to improve network operations and achieve real-time service creation capabilities, for which it needed to overhaul its existing infrastructure.

Know more about the operator’s requirements for launching its new services
The operator wanted a complete carrier-grade solution that enabled advanced policy control, real-time charging and billing, roaming and interconnect billing, subscriber data management, and CRM, including managed services offerings (MSO) post-implementation.

Gain insights into Alepo’s solution
Alepo helped address Muni’s pain points and requirements, such as plugging revenue leaks caused by manual intervention, ensuring seamless deployment, streamlining operations, and more. The solution included convergent charging and billing, PCRF, CRM, voucher management, and more.

See what use cases and mobile value-added services (VAS) are supported by the solution
The operator could introduce data bundles and passes, toll-free and sponsored apps, pay-as-you-go offerings, location-based plans and discounts, anti-bill shock notifications, SOS credit, reverse missed call alerts, and much more.

Understand the features, architecture, and benefits of Alepo’s platform
Alepo’s solution helped reduce dependence on multiple vendors to streamline management, introduce revenue-driven offerings, 24x7x365 support through its MSO, and more.

Learn the project outcomes and highlights of the project
The project resulted in 10% higher revenues within just two months of deployment, lowered churn rate, enabled digital CX, and more.

GreenCom BSS Transformation
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