Carrier WiFi – A Complete Offload and Monetization Solution

Flyer Overview

5G has meant that WiFi is even more relevant, playing a strong supporting role. WiFi will augment next-gen services and help provide last-mile connectivity. It will also help alleviate network burden. It presents diverse monetization opportunities, including advertising, analytics, IoT, and more. Alepo’s Carrier WiFi offload and monetization solution help meet diverse business needs. The solution supports various other business objectives such as building brand loyalty, attracting business users, and implementing M2M use cases. And it facilitates the use of WiFi as a bridge to 5G or the last mile for it.

This flyer provides details about Alepo’s Carrier WiFi, an all-in-one offload and monetization solution that offers a host of revenue-enhancing features to maximize ROI while improving customer experience.

Key Takeaways

Know more about the solution’s components and features
Alepo Carrier WiFi enables a host of services and use cases for operators with its advanced WiFi Service Management Platform (SMP), captive portal designer, and an industry-leading AAA server.

Gain insights into the different capabilities it enables
Alepo’s high-performance Carrier WiFi provides one single platform to support diverse carrier business objectives, such as enabling monetization, building brand loyalty, attracting business users, supporting M2M use cases, alleviating network congestion, and more. The solution helps operators enable WiFi offload, WiFi monetization, WiFi calling, or use WiFi as a bridge to and from 5G.

Understand how the solution helps drive ROI
The solution provides several revenue-enhancing features, driving service monetization, enabling operators to create multiple captive portals and enabling their affiliates to do the same, and more.

Learn about the different revenue models it supports
From one-time WiFi passes and pay-as-you-go vouchers to reseller models and intelligent marketing, Alepo’s WiFi platform helps maximize revenue.

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