Ovum Recommends Telcos to Put Alepo PCRF “On the Radar”

Leading analyst firm, Ovum acclaims the Alepo PCRF as a comprehensive and easy-to-use PCRF solution offering telcos simple ways to manage services, rating and policy rules under a single platform.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015, Austin, TX – Alepo (www.alepo.com), a global provider of core network and IT software solutions for communications service providers, announced today that Ovum, a leading analyst firm, has recognized Alepo as a well-positioned PCRF vendor in the latest Ovum “On the Radar” report.

Written by Chantel Cary, Ovum Telecom Operations and IT Analyst, the report recommends the Alepo PCRF as a solution well-aligned with the needs of telcos, enabling them to generate new revenue streams while optimizing network traffic and managing their relationships with OTT players.

“An increased demand on telco networks and competition from alternative services has placed an enormous amount of pressure on telcos, which must find new ways to generate new revenue streams while optimizing network traffic and managing their relationship with OTT players,” Cary writes in the report, adding, “Alepo’s PCRF solution integrates network and customer analytics into an easy to use platform that enables telcos to manage their data networks, partner with third-party services, and generate new revenue streams while enhancing the overall customer experience.”

Alepo recently released a major update to its policy and charging control solution to make it easier for non-technical users to easily bring new policy-driven data offers and products to market quickly.

“In the telco network environment, the role of the PCRF has quickly evolved from being a traffic manager to today enabling a wealth of contextual and real-time data services that drive network monetization,” said Danielle Elaine Smith, Marketing Director at Alepo. “As Alepo continues to innovate policy and charging control solutions that are business and revenue-oriented, it is encouraging to receive recognition from well-respected industry thought leaders like Ovum.”

Alepo’s PCRF is NFV-ready, scalable and can be readily integrated with legacy mobile charging and CRM systems, removing the need to replace or upgrade the legacy network support new data-driven use cases.

On the Radar is a series of research notes about vendors bringing innovative ideas, products, or business models to their markets. Although On the Radar vendors may not be ready for prime time, they bear watching for their potential impact on markets and could be suitable for certain enterprise and public sector IT organizations. www.ovum.com

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Zipnet to Boost the ICT Sector in Ghana with Alepo Policy and Charging Control

Alepo announces a new partnership with Zipnet to provide policy and charging control and CRM solutions across multi-access network operations in Ghana. The strategic partnership aims to enhance Ghana’s ICT industry, transforming it into a key contributor to the country’s economy.

Friday, March 20, 2015, Austin, TX – Alepo, https://www.alepo.com, a leading provider of network and IT software solutions for global communications service providers, announced today a new partnership with Zipnet – a leading internet service provider in Ghana – to evolve ICT services across the country with advanced policy and charging control solutions for IP-based services and 4G mobile broadband.

Zipnet recently selected Alepo to provide its policy and charging control solutions as well as its BSS/OSS framework, Service Enabler 9, in order to support Zipnet’s multi-access network operations, spanning WiMAX, Wi-Fi, and a planned LTE network. Alepo’s convergent solutions will enable the leading ISP to enhance its suite of ICT services for enterprise and residential customers.

Alepo’s decision to strengthen its business presence in Ghana was, in large part, due to the immense potential of the ICT industry to play a leading role in the country’s economic development. The Ghanaian ICT sector has experienced progressive growth and development in recent years, lending itself to the evolution of connected public services, job creation, agriculture, education and healthcare.

“It was imperative that Zipnet select a technology partner that not only understands our company vision but also understands the dynamics and challenges of West African markets,” said Osei Owusu-Korkor, Executive Chairman at Zipnet, Ghana. He added, “We are proud to partner with Alepo to fully actualize the potential of the ICT in Ghana and to bridge the digital divide.”

In addition to the recent contract with Zipnet Ghana, Alepo has many deployments in West Africa, including Niger, Mali, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

“Emerging markets like Ghana present unique opportunities and challenges to communications service providers, and we at Alepo know how to leverage those opportunities and carefully navigate those challenges in order to drive up the revenue,” said Dan Stern, Vice President of Sales at Alepo. “We see great potential in the Ghanaian marketplace, and by increasing our presence there, Alepo will be better positioned to support our customers’ operations and to strategize ways to accelerate the financial and technological success of their IP data networks.”

About Zipnet Ghana

Zipnet is a leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) serving both the enterprise and residential market in Ghana. The company provides ICT focused business consulting services for its enterprise customers. In the near future, the company intends to offer mobile broadband service along with its fixed broadband service. Zipnet plans to take it a step further and offer 4G advanced LTE mobile broadband services in Ghana.


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ETB Colombia Modernizes Its Fixed Broadband Networks with Alepo

In Colombia, ETB Transforms Its Fixed Broadband Services with Alepo’s AAA Infrastructure Colombias premier communications service provider, ETB, completes a major network upgrade with Alepo in order to support new service innovation and subscriber growth on its ADSL fixed broadband network.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015, Austin, TX – Alepo, https://www.alepo.com, a leading provider of network and IT software solutions for global communications service providers, announced today the successful delivery of a major network upgrade to ETB’s fixed broadband network across Colombia.

As part of a major, three-year transformation process, Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogotá (ETB) has successfully launched new communications services, including a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) network, interactive digital television, and 4G mobile services. To bring its corporate strategic plan to life, ETB selected Alepo to provide a high-performance AAA infrastructure that increases the established network reliability, capacity, and services innovation.

As part of the network modernization, ETB replaced its legacy AAA server with Alepo’s High-Performance AAA plus PCRF-Lite for real-time policy control on its fixed ADSL network. Alepo’s AAA platform integrates openly and seamlessly into ETB’s multi-vendor, best of breeds network environment. Already, ETB has experienced increased network speed, performance, and reliability in its current network. In addition, Alepo’s AAA infrastructure features advanced noise reduction, self-healing capabilities, centralized session and accounting database, and convergent authentication and authorization.

“With Alepo’s High-Performance AAA server, ETB Colombia will be able to bring broadband services and revenue opportunities to market faster without adding network complexity,” said Ramiro Costa, Regional Accounts Director at Alepo. “Alepo is proud to support ETB as it evolves in the telecommunications marketplace.”

About ETB ETB is a solid, profitable and competitive company. Founded in 1884, ETB has contributed to the growth of Bogota and Colombia and has been witness of the country´s history across three centuries. ETB is undergoing a process of transformation, with the development of the Corporate Strategic Plan, which comprises six strategic programs (N-Play Services, 4G Mobile Service, Wi-Fi, Regional Empowerment, Customer Experience and Strategic Customer Management) being customer care the current focus of the company.

ETB is moving forward in the deployment of a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) network in Bogota that allows for higher speeds in the transmission of data and information. It also features Interactive Digital Television and launched 4G Wireless Service in October 2014, which enabled it to start competing in the fourth generation mobile telephony marketplace. www.etb.com.co

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En Colombia, ETB Transforma sus servicios de banda ancha fija con Infraestructura AAA de Alepo

ETB, como proveedor principal de servicios de comunicaciones en Colombia, completa una importante mejora de su red con Alepo, con el fin de apoyar la innovación de nuevos servicios y el crecimiento de abonados en su red de banda ancha fija ADSL.

Martes, 3 de Febrero de 2015, Austin, TX – Alepo, https://www.alepo.com, un proveedor líder de soluciones de red y software de TI para los proveedores de servicios de comunicaciones a nivel mundial, anunció hoy la entrega exitosa de una importante mejora a la red de banda ancha fija de ETB. Como parte de un proceso de transformación de 3 años, ETB (Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogotá) ha lanzado exitosamente nuevos servicios de comunicaciones, incluyendo una red de Fibra Óptica al Hogar (FTTH), Televisión Digital Interactiva y Servicios Móviles 4G.

Para dar vida a su plan corporativo estratégico, ETB seleccionó a Alepo para proporcionar una infraestructura de AAA de alto rendimiento, que aumenta la fiabilidad de la red establecida, capacidad y posibilidad de ofrecer servicios innovadores. Como parte de la modernización de la red, ETB reemplazó su servidor AAA de legado con el AAA de alto rendimiento de Alepo, más la herramienta PCRF-Lite para el control de políticas en tiempo real en la red ADSL fija.

La plataforma AAA de Alepo se integra de manera abierta y sin problemas a la red de ETB, compuesta de proveedores múltiples de forma “Best-of-Breeds”. Con esta actualización, ETB ya ha experimentado un aumento de velocidad, rendimiento y fiabilidad de su actual red. Además, la infraestructura AAA de Alepo cuenta con avances en la reducción de ruido, capacidad de auto-curación, base de datos de sesiones y contabilidad centralizadas, y autenticación y autorización convergentes. “Con el servidor AAA de Alto Rendimiento de Alepo, ETB Colombia será capaz de llevar los servicios de banda ancha y las oportunidades de ingresos al mercado más rápido sin añadir complejidad a la red”, dijo Ramiro Costa, Director Regional de Cuentas en Alepo. “Alepo se enorgullece de apoyar a ETB a medida que evoluciona en el mercado de las telecomunicaciones.”

Acerca de ETB ETB es una empresa sólida, rentable y competitiva. Fundada en 1884, ETB ha contribuido con el crecimiento de Bogotá y de Colombia y ha sido testigo de la historia del país, a través de tres siglos. ETB vive un proceso de transformación, con el desarrollo del Plan Estratégico Corporativo, conformado por seis programas estratégicos (Servicios N-Play, Servicios Móviles 4G, Wi-Fi, Potencialización de Regionales, Experiencia al cliente y Gestión Estratégica del Cliente) siendo la atención al usuario, el actual foco de la compañía. ETB avanza en la instalación en Bogotá de la red de Fibra Óptica (FTTH), tecnología de punta que permite mayores velocidades en la transmisión de datos e información. También cuenta con Televisión Interactiva Digital y lanzó en octubre de 2014, los Servicios Móviles 4G, con los cuales entra a competir en el mundo de la telefonía celular de cuarta generación. www.etb.com.co

Acerca de Alepo Alepo es un proveedor líder de soluciones de software de TI e infraestructura de red para los proveedores de servicios de comunicaciones a nivel mundial. Alepo trabaja en estrecha colaboración con los líderes del mercado incluyendo Vodafone, Saudi Telecom, France Telecom y Digicel, dándoles el poder para competir agresivamente y concretar oportunidades de datos a través de tecnologías y generaciones. Alepo se enorgullece de apoyar innovadores líderes del mercado a medida que evolucionan en el mercado de las telecomunicaciones. www.alepo.com

In Equatorial Guinea, Orange-GETESA Strengthens Alepo Partnership with Policy, Charging and Billing Solutions for Fixed and Mobile Data Networks

Orange-GETESA recently expanded its portfolio of Alepo solutions in its networks with an upgrade of charging, billing, and policy control solutions for 2G, 3G, and DSL data services.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015, Austin, TX – Alepo(www.alepo.com), a leading provider of network and IT software solutions for global communications service providers, announced today that longstanding customer Orange-GETESA has recently upgraded to the latest version of Alepo Service Enabler with the addition of Alepo’s advanced policy and charging control (PCC) in order to support its growing fixed and mobile data business in Equatorial Guinea. Wanting to support more competitive business plans for its fixed and mobile data services, Orange-GETESA worked with Alepo to modernize its multi-access technology network environment. In addition to the upgrade of Alepo Service Enabler to support billing and CRM, Alepo deployed its advanced policy and charging control (PCC) solution to better monetize data services across DSL, 2G and 3G networks. A TR-069 Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) was also deployed for remote device management. A major reason cited for this project was the need for streamlined and real-time operations that would enable Orange-GETESA to seize market opportunities as soon as they emerge.

With Alepo’s Online Charging System and PCRF Lite, Orange-GETESA can rapidly create and deliver differentiated services with the assurance of zero revenue leakage. What’s more, Orange-GETESA can send automatic alerts to customers via SMS or email whenever they reach a certain data limit or if a plan is about to expire. “Alepo continues to assure us of its robust and flexible solutions,” said Ignacio Ela, CTO at Orange-GETESA. “A continued partnership with Alepo means that we can respond quickly to changing market trends and expand our business in Equatorial Guinea without costly or risky replacements. With Alepo, we found a partner with the expertise and innovation necessary to support our customers’ current and future needs.” With Alepo’s advanced solutions, Orange-GETESA is able to deliver more granular, QoS-based data offerings to its fixed and mobile broadband subscribers. This includes the ability to dynamically increase or decrease bandwidth speeds, such as for Bandwidth on Demand or fair use policy applications. “We are proud of our lasting partnership with Orange-GETESA,” said Brandon Johnson, VP of Services at Alepo. “As Orange-GETESA’s business and technical needs evolve, we continue to provide robust solutions that enable this forward-thinking company to capture emerging opportunities at the moment they appear.”

About Orange-GETESA A subsidiary of Orange Group, Orange-GETESA is Equatorial Guinea’s leading service provider offering mobile and internet services. Orange Group is present in 30 countries. The Group had a total customer base of more than 236 million customers at June 30, 2014, including 179 million mobile customers and 16 million fixed broadband customers worldwide.


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Emcali Selects Alepo’s High-Performance AAA and Policy Control to Modernize Its Fixed and Mobile Broadband Networks

Alepo to deploy a high-performance AAA infrastructure to support Colombian communications service provider, Emcali’s triple-play broadband services across multiple fixed and mobile broadband networks.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015, Austin, TX – Alepo, a leading provider of network and IT software solutions for communications service providers, announced today that Colombian telecommunications service provider, Emcali, has selected Alepo to modernize its AAA infrastructure across its multiple fixed and mobile broadband networks. The transition to a more streamlined, high-performance network environment will enable Emcali to drastically enhance its service offerings and customer experience.

With Alepo’s carrier-grade AAA Infrastructure, Emcali will be able to bring new triple-play services and revenue opportunities to market faster without adding network complexity. The platform offers multi-access network support, which will enable Emcali to use a single AAA infrastructure for its WiMAX, Wi-Fi, xDSL, GPON, and mobile 3G UMTS networks, reducing OPEX and total cost of ownership. What’s more, the scalable solution is built to support rapid subscriber growth without sacrificing speed or efficiency of service delivery. Alepo will also provide standards-based integration with many third-party systems and legacy CRM platforms. In addition to AAA, Alepo will deploy its “PCRF Lite” to perform advanced, real-time policy control within the fixed broadband network environments. “As subscriber numbers grow and technologies change, we are seeing a surge of fixed and mobile communications service providers that are limited by underperforming or non-scalable AAA platforms,” said Dan Stern, Alepo VP of Sales.

“At Alepo, we combine the power of an industry-leading AAA solution with 20+ years of proven experience and strategic partnerships with SI experts to truly transform service providers’ AAA infrastructure in ways that meet and exceed today’s network demands and drive up growth and revenue.”

About Emcali Empresas Municipales de Cali, or Emcali, is a state-owned company that provides telecommunications and utility services to the citizens of Cali, Colombia. The mission of Emcali is to contribute to the welfare and development of the community by providing essential and complementary public services, with a commitment to the environment and to economic and social profitability. www.emcali.com.co

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BLU Launches New 4G LTE Services in Ghana with Alepo Policy and Charging Control Core

BLU goes live with new 4G LTE services in Ghana using Alepo’s complete LTE solution for policy and charging control, data monetization, customer experience management, and more.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014, Austin, TX – Alepo, a leading provider of network and IT software solutions for communications service providers, proudly announced today that its customer, BLU, has launched 4G LTE services in Tema and Accra, the capital city of Ghana, marking one of the first LTE deployments in the West African nation. Alepo supported BLU’s rapid deployment with an end-to-end LTE solution for policy and charging control, data monetization, customer experience management, and more.

BLU marked the launch of its new 4G LTE network with an aggressive promotional campaign called “No Limits” in which new customers can receive a free LTE-ready device and one month of unlimited LTE data. As BLU continues to invent new services and offers, the company has confidence in the flexibility, future-readiness, and ease of use of the Alepo system to bring those offers to life.

“With our tight deployment deadlines, it was imperative that we choose a solutions provider like Alepo, whose proven, market-ready solutions meet our immediate goals today while also being able to flex and adapt to our ever-evolving network and business,” stated Ekow Thomson, COO at BLU.

As part of this launch, BLU has leveraged Alepo’s Evolved Packet Core, including advanced policy and charging control, and Alepo’s Service Enabler 9.0 (SE) – a complete, carrier-grade BSS / OSS framework that enables a smart customer experience as well as an efficient back office. Pre-integration of SE 9.0 with Alepo’s advanced policy and charging control nodes means that BLU will be able to readily deliver, manage, and monetize LTE services, upon launch and as those services and market demands evolve. Alepo’s platform enables services over multiple access networks, supporting BLU’s LTE and Wi-Fi networks.

In this phase of the launch, BLU focused its LTE network on the delivery of 4G LTE data services. Blu plans to later extend its offerings to include services such as Wi-Fi, Voice over LTE and Video on Demand, assured of its future-proof solution from Alepo.

“We are excited to help bring such innovative LTE services to life for the citizens of Ghana,” stated Dan Stern, Vice Presidentt of Sales at Alepo. “BLU has proven to be a strong and savvy competitor, no doubt an LTE market leader in such a rapidly growing marketplace, and we look forward to our continued partnership to support BLU’s delivery of innovative new LTE products and technologies.”

About BLU

Blu Telecommunications Limited (BLU) is a Ghanaian owned premier telecommunications company utilizing the latest 4G technology to deliver ultra-fast broadband to consumers in Ghana. BLU has secured a 4G license from the National Communications Authority, the Regulator of Telecommunications in Ghana and will be launching its services in 2014, providing a wide range of telecommunications services including data, voice, Wi-Fi hotspots and IPTV services to residential and business subscribers using an ultra-fast 4G LTE network. www.blu.com.gh

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