Alepo helps Costa Rican ISP launch free public WiFi with cloud-based solution

Alepo helps Costa Rican ISP launch free public WiFi with cloud-based solution

  • Coopeguanacaste offers free plans as part of the Zii WiFi program of telecommunications regulator Sutel
  • The service was launched last April in the presence of the country’s president
  • It is part of a US$69 million development plan through which Sutel intends to install access points in 515 public places across Costa Rica
  • The service is a hit with consumers, with over 1.3 million people logging in since launch
  • It is powered by Alepo’s cloud-based WiFi Service Management Platform, which allows Coopeguanacaste to offer and monetize superior customer journeys

Wednesday, September 08, 2021, SAN JOSÉ – Internet service provider Coopeguanacaste has introduced public WiFi in Costa Rica, as part of telecommunications regulator Sutel’s Zii WiFi initiative to improve connectivity across the country. Digital enablement and revenue management software provider Alepo has deployed their carrier WiFi platform to power the network.

The service was launched in Guanacaste in April last year in the presence of Costa Rican President Carlos Alvarado Quesada, and is part of Sutel’s Espacios Públicos Conectados (public connected spaces) plan to provide WiFi at 515 sites including parks, plazas, train stations and university campuses. To this effect, Sutel has awarded contracts totaling US$69 million to Coopeguanacaste and two other ISPs. The project is hugely beneficial to residents given that broadband connectivity is low in both urban and rural areas of the country.

Coopeguanacaste’s free WiFi offered through the Sutel program has made a significant impact in Guanacaste. Since its launch, over 1.3 million new users have signed in.

“We are growing fast, and it is encouraging to see the number of new users month after month. Alepo’s WiFi platform is helping us ensure that the service is used widely, while also enabling us to make the project a financial and operational success for the company,” said Gerardo Gutierrez, General Manager, Coopeguanacaste.

Alepo’s WiFi Service Management Platform (SMP) enables Coopeguanacaste to use surveys to offer users free WiFi in this initial phase and has several capabilities for their future growth including partnerships with location owners, WiFi roaming with an international education network, and premium plans for Coopeguanacaste subscribers.

The cloud-based solution runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), reducing capital expenditure, while still providing seamless integration with the access controllers.

“We’re proud to help Coopeguanacaste offer a service that will facilitate a digital lifestyle for millions of people in Costa Rica. Our WiFi SMP is built to maximize revenue for the provider, and it has been customized for Coopeguanacaste’s specific needs so that they can offer their customers a superior browsing experience, beginning right from the process of connecting to their network,” said Juan Espinosa, Director, Sales, LATAM, Alepo.

Alepo has several successful WiFi deployments in the region, including with mobile operators, ISPs, and banks, and was nominated for best NVF/SDN solution at the 5G & LTE LATAM Awards in 2018.

About Coopeguanacaste

Coopeguanacaste offers competitive Internet, IPTV and IP telephony services to the communities of Guanacaste. It has a robust infrastructure capable of meeting the growing demands of the region. It is the largest cooperative in Guanacaste, aiming to lead in production, distribution and sale of information and communication technology and multiple services following the principles of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development for satisfaction of its customers, members and partners.

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Buckeye Broadband partners with Alepo to launch ad-supported free internet and public WiFi

Buckeye Broadband partners with Alepo to launch ad-supported free internet and public WiFi

  • Called FreeNet, the service lets customers access free internet at home by watching an advertisement or filling in a survey
  • The service provider directs FreeNet customers to the Alepo captive portal to access the sponsored journeys; Alepo’s WiFi Service Management Platform (SMP) facilitates Buckeye Broadband in monetizing these journeys
  • Customers can gain uninterrupted ad-free access with full-service internet from Buckeye Broadband
  • The service is especially relevant for those working or studying from home during the pandemic and to enable customers to continue accessing essential internet access when they cannot clear their bills
  • Buckeye Broadband is also providing public WiFi locations where customers can access internet by selecting from time- and speed-based free (3 Mbps) and paid (4 Mbps) journeys

Monday, March 15, 2021, Toledo, Ohio – Buckeye Broadband has partnered with award-winning revenue management software provider Alepo to introduce FreeNet, an innovative new service in Toledo, giving customers free ad-sponsored internet access. FreeNet is a key initiative for Buckeye’s mission to close the digital divide in Ohio, broadening access to reliable internet for key underserved customer segments. As part of the project, the leading broadband service provider has also launched free and paid public WiFi in its stores, with plans to extend the service to public places in Ohio.

FreeNet is northwest Ohio’s first free ad-sponsored internet service. It benefits students and customers working from home during the pandemic as well as Buckeye Broadband’s customers who may not pay their bills on time. And while it has enabled the operator to continue generating revenue through advertisements while providing internet connectivity to those who need it, it has also encouraged many customers to upgrade for ad-free browsing.

In addition to catering to existing subscribers who may not pay their bills on time continue accessing the internet, new customers can also sign up for the essential service. Users are given home internet free of charge in exchange for watching a video or completing a survey every 30 minutes. Customers gain uninterrupted access as soon as they upgrade or pay their bills.

Buckeye Broadband’s network redirects customers to the Alepo captive portal, which displays personalized offers and surveys based on the customer’s location. These sponsored journeys are managed and monetized using Alepo’s WiFi Service Management Platform (SMP), a part of its Carrier WiFi solution.

The same captive portal also enables customers visiting Buckeye Broadband stores to choose from a range of speed- and time-based free (3 Mbps) and paid (4 Mbps) WiFi journeys. The service serves as a demo for customers and is expected to increase the subscriber base.

In addition to survey responses, the WiFi SMP enables Buckeye Broadband to capture user data to generate valuable BI reports that include the number of active users, viewer count for each video, their device and browser details, login time, and more.

“This project helps us further our mission to bridge the digital divide. Plus, we’re sensitive to the fact that our customers might not always be able to clear their bills on time and we wanted to put in place a mechanism that lets them continue accessing the internet. We’re excited to have partnered with Alepo to address this concern as part of our innovative FreeNet service, which also empowers us with advanced monetization capabilities through advertisements and surveys. We are pleased with the response to the time- and speed-based public WiFi access we’ve enabled at our stores,” said Geoff Shook, President and General Manager, Buckeye Broadband.

“We are happy to collaborate with Alepo given their vast experience in helping service providers around the world. Alepo has been a flexible partner that understands our market dynamics and we’re confident that with their solution, we’ll swiftly generate high ROI,” added Shook.

Derrick Gross, President, Alepo, said, “I was really thrilled when Buckeye Broadband came to us with this innovative FreeNet idea and wanted to be a part of their unique project. Sponsored data benefits all involved parties: customers, sponsors, and, of course, the service provider. Customer loyalty and innovative marketing is increasingly a challenge for internet service providers, and our WiFi SMP overcomes this challenge by offering several flexible monetization opportunities. We are proud to support Buckeye Broadband’s launch and vision to increase broadband access to their customers, which is true to the mission of Alepo.”

The broadband provider is now working on plans to offer free public WiFi through hotspots in 16 metro parks and two stadiums (one hockey and one baseball) and hopes to extend the service to other ISPs. Alepo’s WiFi SMP supports the future launch of innovative plans based on demographics, devices, locations, and time.

The project adds to Alepo’s expanding global portfolio, which includes several Carrier WiFi, AAA, virtualized AAA, digital BSS, and other deployments for leading fixed and mobile service providers around the world.

About Buckeye Broadband

Buckeye Broadband is the 23rd largest cable provider in the US offering high-speed internet service across its fiber-optic network. The company was founded more than 50 years ago as a multichannel video distributor and still offers traditional cable TV along with their streaming video, residential phone service, and residential IT solutions from their award-winning Brainiacs Technical Support Assistance. In addition to cable broadband, Buckeye Broadband also offers fiber internet service. Its fiber service is available to approximately 5,000 people.

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Costa Rica’s free public WiFi is overhauled with Alepo’s cloud monetization solution

Costa Rica’s free public WiFi is overhauled with Alepo’s cloud monetization solution

  • The consortium project led by PC Central is part of telecommunications regulator Sutel’s Zii WiFi initiative to help bridge the digital divide
  • The Zii WiFi site provides educational content, information on government procedures, access to entertainment material, and more
  • Users gain free internet access for four hours in exchange for filling in a survey
  • Alepo’s cloud WiFi SMP captures key user information and generates custom reports

Wednesday, November 11, 2020, SAN JOSE – Costa Rica’s PC Central has revamped their public WiFi offering using Alepo’s cloud WiFi Service Monetization Platform (SMP). Alepo’s platform enables the consortium, led by PC Central, to grant free internet access in exchange for completing a survey and uses an advanced reporting module to capture key user data.

PC Central and the consortium were assigned the contract for the deployment by the National Telecommunications Fund, Fonatel, as part of telecommunications regulator Sutel’s Zii WiFi initiative to provide connectivity to 515 digital zones, including parks, train stations, universities, and other public facilities. The initiative helps bridge the digital gap and provide internet access to urban as well as rural areas where broadband connectivity is low. As part of the initiative, the consortium deployed 70,000 meters of fiber optic cable, primarily in the cities of San José, Cartago, and Limón.

PC Central looked to Alepo after originally launching the WiFi network with another solution that could not meet the demands of the large user base and custom reports required by Sutel. Alepo was able to rapidly set up and migrate the traffic to its new cloud-based platform. Having gone live in October, the service is already making a significant impact, with over 25,000 new users signing on in the first week.

Casual users can access the service by filling in a survey through Alepo’s captive portal that asks for their age and work profile. On successful completion, they are granted four hours of free WiFi access. The captive portal redirects them to the Zii WiFi website, which provides educational content for all age groups, along with useful how-tos regarding government procedures that can be completed digitally. Users can also check their email, download apps, enjoy books, music, and videos. Returning customers are directly routed to the Zii WiFi site instead of the survey page.

In addition to the survey responses, Alepo’s advanced analytics and reporting module also captures key user information, including customized reports. This information is relayed to the site administrators, who intend to use the feedback to gain a deeper understanding of the demographic for future offerings.

Adriana Ramos, Project Head, PC Central, said, “We believe that communication is a public necessity, and we are committed to helping Sutel achieve its objective of making connectivity easily accessible to all. Alepo was our vendor of choice given its vast experience in deploying advanced cloud-based WiFi monetization solutions in the region, and it has helped bolster the capabilities of our service. We are pleased with the response we have received from users so far and are confident that the reporting and analytics capabilities of Alepo’s platform will enable us to continue improving our offerings.”

Juan Espinosa, Director LATAM, Alepo, said, “We are proud to partner with PC Central to help improve internet access across Costa Rica. Alepo’s WiFi Service Management Platform has replaced the legacy system to enable more advanced free journeys, with an improved data-gathering and analytics platform to generate custom reports requested by the service provider. We are confident that the newly revamped service will continue to gain popularity.”

About PC Central

PC Central is a leading solution integrator for information and communication technology solutions in Costa Rica. It is a Dell Technologies Titanium Partner.

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Cable & Wireless Seychelles launches public WiFi in Seychelles using Alepo’s monetization platform

Cable & Wireless Seychelles launches public WiFi in Seychelles using Alepo’s monetization platform

  • Customers can access the service at a popular resort in Victoria, and it will soon be rolled out at other resorts and major public places
  • The service includes free and paid access options that customers can purchase from a self-service portal
  • The self-care portal also lets customers monitor their usage and view purchase history
  • As part of the next phase, CWS intends to introduce WiFi offload services to existing CWS broadband users

Wednesday, October 21, 2020, Victoria, Seychelles – Leading telecommunications provider Cable & Wireless Seychelles (CWS) has launched public WiFi in the popular tourist destination of Seychelles. Digital enablement and revenue management software provider Alepo has deployed its WiFi Service Management Platform to facilitate the rollout and monetization of these services. Alepo has also included a self-care portal that lets consumers control and monitor their WiFi data usage.

Scheduled for a multi-phase release, the service is now live for casual users at a popular resort in the capital city of Victoria and will be rolled out to major resorts and other prominent public places. The second phase of the project will extend WiFi services to Cable & Wireless broadband and mobile subscribers with seamless WiFi offload.

Cable & Wireless has made WiFi available through both free and paid journeys. Customers can purchase volume, time, and speed-based offers and vouchers, as well as control and monitor their usage, from the self-care portal. When logged in to the portal, customers can also see the network of WiFi hotspots, special promotions from CWS, and their purchase history.

Shoaib Khan, Chief Technology Officer at CWS, said, “We’ve observed a growing level of digital sophistication of consumers. Both residents and tourists have high connectivity demands that can best be serviced by WiFi, and the ability to control their data usage through the self-care portal further augments the customer experience.”

“We are increasingly seeing that consumer engagement and loyalty depend on the quality of digital interaction with the operator. To that end, our advanced self-management portal for WiFi offers a consistent and complete engagement platform for CWS’s customers,” said Vishal Mathur, VP – Solution Integration, Alepo.

Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands and home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, relies heavily on tourism from European countries like Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Switzerland, as well as India and the UAE.

About Cable & Wireless Seychelles

Cable & Wireless Seychelles (CWS) is the leading telecommunications company in the country, having started by establishing the first connection from Seychelles to the rest of the world in 1983, to now being Seychelles’ provider of choice. CWS connects businesses, homes, and individuals with revolutionary state-of-the-art solutions delivered on the fastest LTE 4G+ network, the only 5G network in Seychelles, and an advanced fiber-optic link.

As the first and only quad-play provider in Seychelles, they offer a full range of communications and entertainment services such as IPTV, broadband internet, telephony, and mobile for residential and business customers.

Being a 100% Seychellois-owned company, they are dedicated to delivering the best telecommunication services, reliable connections, and the best customer service experience to Seychelles.

For more information on their products and services, please visit

About Alepo

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m:tel launches new public WiFi plans in Bosnia and Herzegovina with Alepo’s WiFi SMP

m:tel launches new public WiFi plans in Bosnia and Herzegovina with Alepo’s WiFi SMP

  • Customers can access the internet using a range of free and paid options: watching a promotional video, logging in with social media credentials, purchasing vouchers, subscribing to plans
  • Hotspots have been installed at prime locations in Banja Luka, including a prominent hospital and popular hotel, with more locations to be added
  • The project soft-launched in February, with casual plans added in May
  • Existing m:tel’s mobile subscribers who opt for the WiFi service enjoy seamless and transparent login
  • Alepo’s WiFi Service Management Platform enables m:tel to earn direct revenue through advertisements and analytics

Tuesday, July 02, 2019, Banja Luka – The leading telecommunications operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina, joint stock company Mtel a.d. Banja Luka, trading as m:tel, has introduced a range of free and paid WiFi plans. To facilitate the rollout, m:tel has employed digital enablement and revenue management software provider Alepo’s WiFi Service Management Platform (SMP).

The project has progressed in phases since February, with hotspots installed at prime locations in Banja Luka, including a prominent hospital and popular hotel, with many more locations to be added soon. Thousands of subscribers have already signed in, giving an insight into the project’s potential once the full-scale rollout is complete. Plans for existing subscribers of m:tel have been introduced, with both prepaid and postpaid customers able to access the hotspots. Casual subscribers can watch a promo or log in with their social media credentials for free access. Paid offers include vouchers and subscriptions, including fixed-validity unlimited data plans.

Subscriber authentication is integrated with m:tel’s core network, so existing m:tel mobile customers can seamlessly connect to WiFi once they have purchased the add-on. Prepaid users can use their mobile balance to purchase WiFi offers, while post-paid users see it reflected in their monthly invoices.

WiFi access is granted through location-specific multilingual captive portals. Alepo’s WiFi SMP enables m:tel affiliates to create captive portals and location-based offers, allowing these affiliates to create their own hotspots using flexible revenue-sharing arrangements. Affiliates can, for instance, create video advertisements and share revenue with m:tel based on the number of views. An integrated analytics tool provides customizable granular reports for specific locations and usage patterns.

“As a tier-1 carrier, the security, robustness, and integration capabilities Alepo offers are essential to us. The ease with which we can use the platform to create new offerings helps us stay ahead of the competition. We are pleased with the response we’ve received from our customers so far, and are confident we can efficiently monetize our growing WiFi network with Alepo’s WiFi SMP,” said Srđan Bundalo, Head ICT at m:tel.

Vishal Mathur, VP-Solution Integration of Alepo, said, “Our solution enables m:tel to create offerings that go beyond charging for access, giving them a range of possibilities for organic growth via affiliates, cross-promotion with traditional mobile plans, and data monetization. We are happy with their success so far and look forward to seeing how they will leverage the system over time.”

About m:tel

As the leading telecom operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Joint Stock Company Mtel a.d. Banja Luka offers unique communication solutions unified under the m:tel corporate brand.

In the more and more dynamic BiH market, m:tel offers the latest telecommunication services in the field of telephony, landline network, internet, data, and IPTV.

With a constant following of the world trends and the latest technological achievements in the field of telecommunications, m:tel also recognizes its customers’ needs and wishes.

Aware of the fact that today, people need more than just simple communication, m:tel provides a wide range of additional services. The company offers business customers integrated business solutions with calls and data within both mobile and landline networks, which form the basis for creating sound conditions for a successful business.

Besides high-quality services and application of the newest information technologies, m:tel invests a lot in sports, culture, education and humanitarian projects, and by conducting business in a socially responsible way it influences the development of true values in its environment.

The company has achieved outstanding business results, evidenced by a record number of over 1.6 million users of all services.

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About Alepo

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Tuvalu Telecommunications Corporation Selects Alepo & Blue Arcus to Launch LTE and WiFi Services in Tuvalu

Tuvalu Telecommunications Corporation Selects Alepo & Blue Arcus to Launch LTE and WiFi Services in Tuvalu

With Alepo’s LTE and WiFi solutions, Tuvalu Telecommunications Corporation (TTC) aims for a swift rollout of new broadband and voice services with an advanced customer experience throughout Tuvalu.

Monday, February 13, 2017, Austin, TX – Alepo ( – an award-winning, global provider of core network and IT software solutions for communications service providers, announced today, in partnership with Blue Arcus Technologies Inc., a leading provider of cost-effective mobile network solutions, the launch of LTE and WiFi services at TTC in Tuvalu.

As part of the project, Alepo will deploy its market-ready “LTE in a Box” and WiFi solutions to enable TTC to launch innovative data and voice services rapidly in the market, and enhance the customer experience in Tuvalu through real-time policy and a customer self-care app.

Alepo’s “LTE in a Box” solution combines essential LTE core network functions, including policy and charging control (PCRF), convergent charging and billing (OCS), and business support systems (BSS) onto a single high-performance platform that can be rapidly deployed and monetized.

TTC is investing in LTE and WiFi with the goal to provide its subscribers with a faster network and a better digital experience. With Alepo’s LTE and WiFi solutions, TTC can bring innovative voice and data offers to market faster, enhance the customer experience, and increase mobile broadband revenues with application-based charging, bundled content & apps, family & shared plans, and many other innovative use cases.

“As we roll out our LTE and WiFi networks we need not only a return on our investment but also a partner with proven LTE and WiFi leadership, innovation, and deployment expertise,” said Simeti Lopati, CEO for TTC. “We are confident that the joint efforts and expertise of Alepo and Blue Arcus will enable us to transform the island’s telecommunication landscape with the introduction of the latest developments in LTE and WiFi technology” he further added.

“We are very pleased to partner with Alepo to support the launch of LTE and WiFi at TTC in Tuvalu,” said Naren Yanamadala, CEO of Blue Arcus. He added, “We trust Alepo’s proven industry experience and expertise in the deployment of LTE and WiFi solutions, having participated in multiple projects together.”

“We are happy to partner with Blue Arcus in the deployment of our LTE and WiFi solution in TTC’s network,” said Vani Manian, Alepo Director of Technical Sales, APAC. She added, “We share TTC’s vision and promise to deliver rapid data monetization coupled with the real-time policy for customer needs which will help TTC provide the best quality of service and experience to its subscribers.”

About Tuvalu Telecommunications Corporation

Tuvalu Telecommunications Corporation (TCC) is a state-owned enterprise of the Tuvalu government established under the Tuvalu Telecommunications Corporation Act 1993 and currently the only operator in Tuvalu. TTC provides fixed line telephone communications and internet services to subscribers on each island and mobile phone services on Funafuti, Vaitupu, Nukulaelae, Nanumea, and Niutao. Apart from a few services operated by the ICT department and other Government Agencies, TTC owns and operates most the ICT/Telecommunication infrastructure in the Country. TTC is a reseller of Sky Pacific Satellite TV service, previously owned by Fiji Television Limited.

About Blue Arcus

Blue Arcus Technologies Inc., a California-based company, specializes in providing cost-effective mobile network solutions across the globe. The company also addresses telecommunication needs through its rural & remote community solutions, maritime & ferry solutions, tactical & emergency solutions, and mobile network solutions.

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About Alepo

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