With A New QUBEE Partnership, Alepo Expands Its Business Presence in Bangladesh’s Telecommunications Industry

Alepo recently signed an agreement with QUBEE for a new business support system (BSS) that will enable the 4G broadband provider to deliver more advanced services to its mobile broadband customers. The partnership underscores Alepo’s growing presence and commitment to telecommunications service providers in Bangladesh.

Wednesday, October 22, Austin, TX — Alepo, a leading provider of network and IT software solutions for global communications service providers, announced today its plans to expand its business presence in Bangladesh, citing the county’s rapid growth and modernization of its telecommunications industry. The announcement follows an agreement and signing ceremony between Alepo and QUBEE – one of Bangladesh’s leading 4G internet providers.

Alepo’s decision to strengthen its ties with Bangladesh was in large part due to the company’s multiple contracts with communications service providers across the country and region. In addition a recent contract with QUBEE to replace its legacy BSS / OSS platform, Alepo has worked closely with Banglalion (BCL) since 2010, supporting its continual evolution and innovation of 4G data services.

“Rapidly emerging markets like Bangladesh present unique challenges and opportunities to communications service providers that we at Alepo know how to expertly navigate,” said Shekhar Bhat, Director of Client Services at Alepo. “We see great potential in the Bangladesh marketplace, and by concentrating our efforts there, Alepo will be better positioned to leverage our expertise in order to support our Bangladesh customers, and in turn, their customers – internet and mobile subscribers.”

Speaking on those challenges, Bhat said that CSPs in emerging markets often require turnkey solutions that can be deployed quickly and made profitable from day one. He noted that Alepo’s suite of IT and network solutions are market ready and highly adaptable, offering the benefits of a faster time to market, lower total cost of ownership, and assurance in the investment, even as market trends change and technologies evolve.

Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Ltd. (QUBEE) signed an agreement with Alepo Technologies, Inc. for a new business support system, which will help QUBEE to provide more services to its customers. D.S. Faisal Hyder, CEO, QUBEE and Chandrashekhar Bhat, Director, Client Service, Alepo signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organizations. Andalib Islam, Local Representative, Alepo and other QUBEE officials were present at the occasion.

Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Ltd. (QUBEE) signed an agreement with Alepo Technologies, Inc. for a new business support system, which will help QUBEE to provide more services to its customers. D.S. Faisal Hyder, CEO, QUBEE and Chandrashekhar Bhat, Director, Client Service, Alepo signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organizations. Andalib Islam, Local Representative, Alepo and other QUBEE officials were present at the occasion.

“In our selection process, Alepo stood out as the software vendor that not only could provide the best fit solution for our business goals, timeline, and budget, but also Alepo demonstrated a proven knowledge and dedication to our specific business needs,” said D.S. Faisal Hyder, CEO of QUBEE. He added, “We are proud to partner with a company that shares in our commitment to the future and prosperity of Bangladesh.”

QUBEE is one of the leading broadband internet service providers in Bangladesh from Augere. Its network is available in Barisal, Bogra. Chandpur, Chittagong, Comilla, Dhaka, Dinajpur, Feni, Joypurhat, Khulna, Laxmipur, Naogaon, Narayanganj, Natore, Noakhali, Pabna, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Savar, Sirajganj and Sylhet. To make a customer’s journey better, QUBEE encourages customers to check network coverage in the area before selling a connection. Apart from being the first to launch 4G ready network, QUBEE has revolutionized how internet was used by home users in Bangladesh. More than 150,000 QUBEE users consume a major share of total bandwidth in Bangladesh. The company is dedicated to continuously provide uninterrupted internet experience using Wireless Broadband technology.

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Alepo Announces Successful Deployment of MVNO Customization to Help Cielux Telecom Rapidly Expand their Market Share in DRC

Cielux and Alepo continue their long-standing partnership by the addition of a customized MVNO module, enabling Cielux to create MVNO partnerships to leverage their existing infrastructure to increase market share and revenue.

Austin, TX, September 19, 2013 Alepo Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of control plane & business management solutions for next generation services, announced today the successful deployment of its Partner and Affiliate Module for the management of MVNO partnerships within the Cielux network for its first MVNO Partner Fastnet, a subsidiary of the famous SIMCO Group who are into mining, hotels and pharmaceutical businesses and now venturing into the ISP business.  Cielux’s existing Alepo Billing System will continue providing support for internal rating and charging while extending the network’s utility into partner networks.

Cielux first partnered with Alepo in 2009 to roll out a trailblazing high-speed 4G customer experience in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the first of its kind in the country.  The two companies have extended their partnership over the years, enabling Cielux to respond rapidly to emerging market trends.  In 2012 Cielux began branding its super-fast Internet service under the name INET while upgrading their previous Alepo elements to the latest versions include Service Enabler 8.1, Alepo’s 16e AAA Server, and PCRF Lite.


Continuing to evolve, Cielux/INET has now added an MVNO module, allowing them to use their core network as backhaul for a diverse profile of service providers, each with customized web self-care portals and automated customer hotlining to the relevant MVNO.  And with in-depth policy management, rating and charging for both prepaid and postpaid, Cielux and its partners are assured of a flexible and automated platform that leverages the existing network to rapidly increase market share and revenue.  With real-time enforcement and commission tracking, as well as interconnect billing, Cielux is also assured of a solution that captures and reports accurately on usage and revenue.

“As the market for 4G services expand, it’s crucial that we meet demand by expanding our market share in intelligent and cost-effective ways,” stated Ashwini Kumar Gogoi, CEO, INET/Cielux.  “Our continual partnership with Alepo has provided us with these tools, and our current project is no exception.”

“We are excited to continue our long-standing partnership with Cielux by introducing our MVNO customization,” stated Brandon Johnson, VP of Services at Alepo.  “We are committed to helping our partners increase their market footprint with savvy network expansions such as Cielux’s.”

About Cielux Telecom

Founded in 2003, Cielux Telecom is now one of the largest ISP in DRC, combining know-how and technical infrastructure to offer best-in-class products and solutions. In July 2009, Cielux started its operations with triple-play services: Data, VoIP, and Video based on fixed WiMAX technology IEEE802.16d on local loop in 3.5 GHz licensed frequency. With its own VSAT Hubs, ISP, and Microwave license, Cielux was able to set up a carrier-class core network infrastructure across DRC. In July 2012, Cielux launched its high-speed mobile 4G like data services based on IEEE802.16e technology in 2.5 GHz licensed frequency in Kinshasa under the brand INET. Cielux is proud to have generated a good customer base, including many renowned corporate customers to date in just 1 year after launch. Cielux will be expanding its operations to all other major cities of DRC within H1 2014. This will pave the way for whole DRC to experience the next generation high-speed mobile broadband services.

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Autelan and Alepo Announce Technology Partnership for End-to-End Wi-Fi Monetization and Offload

Autelan and Alepo offer service providers rapid deployment of a robust fully-integrated Wi-Fi platform

Austin, TX, August 2, 2013 AUTELAN and Alepo jointly announced today a technology partnership to enable seamless interoperability for Wi-Fi services.  The technology partnership has important implications for the growing wireless broadband marketplace.  Providers are now presented with a complete out-of-the-box solution for both Wi-Fi Offload and Wi-Fi Monetization.  For Wi-Fi providers of all sizes, the partnership promises a seamless and robust solution for the management of Wi-Fi networks. 3G/4G Mobile providers are also assured of a complete solution that can leverage existing infrastructure to reduce the strain on overtaxed mobile networks.  For both cases, providers are assured of reduced integration costs and a rapid deployment.

AUTELAN Access Points and WLAN Controllers and Alepo’s Service Enabler Wi-Fi Hotspot Monetization and Offload platform will seamlessly authenticate a subscriber smartphone to a Wi-Fi network with roaming across the wireless network as it comes within range of the AUTELAN access point. To realize this, an EAP-SIM/AKA device enrolled for 3G/4G Offload can be securely authenticated and offloaded onto the Wi-Fi network without intervention from the subscriber.  The Alepo Wi-Fi Offload platform also serves as a gateway towards the mobile core network, communicating with the HLR to match the subscriber’s identity.  The result is a seamless and hands-free offload process that will benefit most 3G/4G Mobile Operators or ISPs supporting Mobile Operators with internet services.  A similar scenario can be supported for devices that do not support EAP-SIM/AKA like previous versions of Android phones.

With this Technology Partnership, Autelan and Alepo provide an innovative Portal authentication business model for Wi-Fi networks.  This business model provides for a network solution that ranges from free Wi-Fi access to fully monetized internet services enabling localized advertisement revenues.  The joint solution provides a Self-service platform, and an “apps” solution which interworks with the Autelan Wireless Access Controller and Access Points for carrier customers.  The Autelan Wi-Fi system uses SSID, and location based portals with EAP-SIM/AKA authentication for offload.

“The Wi-Fi market continues to grow and become an important aspect of all 4G providers,” said Jonathan Garini, Alepo Vice President of Products. “Integration of Alepo’s Wi-Fi Hotspot Monetization and Offload solution with AUTELAN demonstrates our dedication to providing operators with complete end-to-end solutions that aid them in deploying robust networks capable of fully capitalizing on these wireless opportunities.”

“Autelan’s Wi-Fi system comprises of Indoor & Outdoor Access Points and Wi-Fi Base Stations that can offer the most cost-effective solution in providing comprehensive wireless coverage. With the core Wireless Access Controller that can support central management of millions of APs, RF channel optimization and RF power control, Autelan’s CUBE technology guarantees high availability of wireless networks and the best user experience. And now with our partnership with Alepo, we can provide an authentic end-to-end Wi-Fi offload solution and an operable wireless network to carrier customers.” stated Rockies Ma, Managing Director of Autelan APAC region.

Alepo’s Wi-Fi Offload platform is a complete, carrier-grade solution that consists of Alepo’s high-performance EAP / AAA framework, policy controller, MAP / SS7 gateway, and more. The solution falls within Alepo’s greater Carrier Wi-Fi solutions portfolio, which also features innovative products and solutions for Wi-Fi hotspot monetization, intelligent access network discovery and selection (ANDSF), and more. Alepo has implemented real-world, proven network solutions for leading service providers for over 17 years.



Established in June 2007, AUTELAN has become one of the global leaders in wireless and IP broadband carrier grade network solutions within five years. Autelan is primarily focused on providing state-of-art telecommunication products for operators, cable carrier, enterprise networks, as well as other services within the scope of the wireless market. Autelan is currently supplying Wi-Fi products to China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom and Indonesia PT TELKOM for Carrier Wi-Fi Hotspot and Seamless Offload application.

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Alepo Client Banglalion Communications Ltd. (BCL) Chooses Service Enabler 8.2 Upgrade and Alepo’s 16e AAA to Modernize Core Network

BCL found its needs changing as the company rapidly expanded, and chose to continue their partnership with Alepo by upgrading to Service Enabler 8.2 and replacing their existing AAA Server with Alepo’s 16e AAA.

Singapore, June 17, 2013—Alepo Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of control plane & business management solutions for next generation services, announced today the decision of core client Banglalion Communications Ltd. (BCL) to modernize its network by replacing its existing AAA with Alepo’s record-performing 16e AAA Server and upgrading their current Alepo BSS solution (Service Enabler) to the latest version (8.2).

BCL first partnered with Alepo in 2010 as to provide a complete Business support and billing system for its business when it first launched 4G broadband services in Bangladesh.  Since that time, BCL has experienced rapid growth and has extended its partnership with Alepo to support its growing client base.

Major reasons cited for the upgrade included a desire to improve the customer experience.  Alepo’s 8.2 Service Enabler upgrade responds to this requirement with several customer-centric innovations.  Relevant features include a real-time messaging interface to prevent bill shock and increase satisfaction, Aging and Dunning interfaces that automatically hotline overdue customers, and an intuitive 360° account view for both employees and customers.  To further streamline their network and increase customer satisfaction, BCL also chose to add Call center integration (CTI) and Trouble Ticketing Service Enabler modules.

In order to fully support BCL’s ability to utilize Alepo’s revolutionary Service Enabler business features, BCL will also be deploying Alepo’s 16e AAA while upgrading.  This will ensure BCL of advanced policy business cases, support for many types of access networks, extremely high-performing and reliable growth, and streamlined OPEX.

“Alepo has been not just a vendor, but a partner as our business continues to grow,” stated Tanzila Mannan, President of BCL.  “Over the past years, Alepo has been important to our rapid growth in our market and we’re pleased to work with them to upgrade our system to the latest technology to continue to drive our business growth.”

“BCL is the largest 4G provider in Bangladesh, and we’re proud to continue our partnership with them to help them maintain market leadership,” stated Brandon Johnson, VP of Services at Alepo.  “As we continue to improve our products to stay ahead of quickly changing 4G technologies, it’s great to have a forward-thinking operator facing the 4G frontier with us.”

About Banglalion Communications Ltd.

Banglalion Communications Ltd (Banglalion) is the largest 4G Wireless Broadband operator in Bangladesh.  BCL utilizes WiMAX technology, having obtained a nationwide license from BTRC to provide Broadband Wireless Access services. Banglalion’s license covers Data, Voice and Video. Banglalion now covers 7 divisional headquarters and 30 major districts of Bangladesh.  Banglalion is proud to declare that it is the largest 4G network of Bangladesh in terms of coverage, subscriber number and revenue.

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Alepo Announces Successful Deployment of 4G Services with Utande in Zimbabwe

June 7, 2013 – Austin, Texas — Alepo, a leading provider of network and IT solutions for next telecommunications service providers, announced today the successful deployment of a convergent 4G solution in Zimbabwe, enabling Utande to provide WiMAX, Intranet, and Wi-Fi services to a diverse client base of residential and corporate customers.

Through the deployment of Alepo’s AAA ServerPolicy Manager, and award-winning Service Enabler, Utande is successfully supporting a fast-growing network of 4G users across the country.  A solution built to support growth without straining resources, key features include robust web self-care, real-time policy control, and remote configuration and monitoring of a vast network of Wi-Fi hotspots.

“My background as a programmer makes me truly appreciate the work involved in creating and maintaining a product such as Alepo SE,” stated Colin Franco, Chief Technical Officer at Utande.

Alepo’s professional services were also cited as an important element of the successful deployment.  Franco also stated: “It’s clear though that the effective and dependable skill and effort of [Alepo’s] support team is a big part of our increasing success.”

Customers of the service have also expressed satisfaction with the speed and efficiency of the service.  One customer is quoted as saying: “Your network is very stable.  I am really appreciating the quality service I am getting, it really is worth the money I am paying. It is just perfect service, please keep it up.”

About Utande
Utande, a division of Dandemutande Investments (Pvt) Ltd, has been delivering top quality Internet and connectivity services to the Zimbabwean market place since 1997. Utande offers a broad range of individual, small business and corporate Internet solutions with high-speed bandwidth delivered via fiber and wireless last-mile solutions. Utande is renowned within the telecommunications industry for its innovation and commitment to advancing technology in Africa.

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Alepo Clients Upgrade to Service Enabler v8.1 to Support Growing Business

Core Alepo clients Digicel and Orange Conakry recently upgraded to Service Enabler 8.1 to support growing WiMAX networks.

Austin, TX, May 22, 2013 — Alepo Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of control plane & business management solutions for next generation services, announced today the decisions of core clients Orange Conakry and Dicigel to upgrade to Alepo Service Enabler 8.1 in order to better support growing client bases.


After launching a WiMAX network with Alepo three years ago, Digicel, the leading mobile provider in the Caribbean, continued its partnership with Alepo by upgrading to Service Enabler 8.1.  The upgrade promises to help Digicel increase ARPU and consistency of revenue with market-leading customer experience management upgrades.  Automated and targeted customer communication, plain language audit trails, and intuitive and comprehensive web portals were all cited as factors in the decision.

“In the 2 1/2 years since the launch of Digicel 4G Broadband in Jamaica we have enjoyed a great partnership with Alepo. We  applaud them for the innovation and enhanced functionality of Alepo 8.1,” stated Michelle Anderson of Digicel Jamaica.

Orange Conakry

Orange Conakry also recently chose to upgrade to Service Enabler 8.1 to continue support of their existing WiMAX network.  Supporting a growing base of prepaid and subscription customers, the company  is poised for growth.

In choosing to continue their partnership with Alepo, both providers are assured of a solution built with a continual eye toward efficiency and automation.  “With our latest upgrade, we wanted to ensure that our product is as intuitive as it is robust.  With new, intuitive interfaces for customers and employees, plain language audit trails, immediate business plan configuration and much more, we’re proud to introduce a version of our award-winning product that showcases just how simple to operate a robust carrier-grade solution can be,” stated Jonathan Garini, Vice President of Products at Alepo.

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