A Central American ISP launches public WiFi using Alepo WiFi solutions

Case Study Overview

A leading ISP for broadband, IPTV, and IP telephony services in Central America, and one of the largest in the country it operates, wanted to introduce high-quality public WiFi services. The project was part of an initiative by the local telecommunications regulator. The service provider partnered with Alepo to deploy its ROI-driven public WiFi solutions.

This case study details how Alepo’s solution helped the ISP maximize adoption of the public WiFi service and drive revenue.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of the project background
Understand the ISP’s key drivers for the project and its motivations for choosing to partner with Alepo.

Learn about the operator’s requirements
The operator needed Alepo to meet stringent regulatory requirements within a tight deadline, delivering solutions to manage and monetize journeys for the public WiFi offering.

Understand more about the solution provided by Alepo
Alepo ensured the project was launched within the deadline and met all compliances with its Carrier WiFi. The cloud-based solution provided advanced capabilities to launch and manage advanced WiFi services, with advanced analytics and custom reporting.

Know about the use cases it enabled
The operator could introduce various customer journeys such as filling in a survey, button click for repeat visitors, vouchers, and more.

Discover the project outcomes
Over 1.3 million accessed the public WiFi in the first three months, making the service a nationwide success. The project also helped improve brand loyalty, increased data consumption, and more.

Carrier WiFi Solution
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