Converged Subscriber Data Management Solution

Document Overview

Alepo’s cloud-native Subscriber Data Management (SDM) is a converged solution to manage both 4G and 5G subscriptions, facilitating an easy and swift transition to 5G. It can scale from low footprint to high-performance deployment depending on demand for TPS. Download the solution brief to know what sets Alepo’s SDM apart.

Key Takeaways
  • Understand the role of a modern subscriber data management solution like Alepo SDM to manage the network upgrade path and support high-value 5G use cases
  • See how Alepo’s SDM solution enables collaborations with third-party service providers to introduce advanced services such as 5G slicing, enterprise IoT, and more
  • Learn more about the technical components and USPs of the solution
  • Understand the benefits of the solution that make it the ideal choice for any network
  • Gain detailed insights into the features of the solution
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