Distributor Management

A unified platform for operators to manage their entire distribution chain. Control everything from inventory and CRM to partners and field agents, while gaining valuable customer behavior insights to improve processes.

Create Multiple Points of Sale

The Points of Sale (POS) network enables partners and distributors to grant their field force access to any information and permissions necessary for efficient customer service. These field agents are empowered to:

Assist New Customers

Using smart POS, agents can quickly and easily onboard new retail and enterprise customers, choose tariff plans and services, complete KYC, and more.

Simplify Payments

Agents can make bill payments, recharge balances, and buy add-ons on behalf of customers.

Act on Tickets

Field agents can view and act on tickets assigned to them. They can also upload supporting documents and update changes to the ticket status.

Smart Points of Sale
Manage Distributor Operations

Manage the Customer Lifecycle

Distributor Management lets you efficiently manage all aspects and all levels of customers, enabling you to:

Ease Onboarding

Effortlessly onboard all customers: retail, enterprise as well as their customers.

Manage Information

Upload KYC documents, change plans, update user status (block and unblock users), raise tickets for customers, and more – all from an easy-to-use interface.

Simplify Distributor Operations

Distributor Management helps operators effectively and efficiently manage the entire distributor ecosystem:

Configure N-Level Hierarchy

Set strategic distributors (SD), common distributors (CD), big distributors (BD), retailers (call box, freelancers, door-to-door), end-users, and so on.

Grant Role-Based Access

A distributor can assign permission to multiple staff users to operate their account, granting access to perform different actions depending on their role.

Offer Credit

Ensure distributor operations continue to run smoothly even when their balance is low with an extended credit limit.

Add Tax Policies

The system allows operators to configure taxes. These can be attached to all partner levels based on regulatory and business needs.

Apply Commissions

Operators can configure different commissions for various operations and easily view a consolidated report from the dashboard. Distributors can also view the commission they’ve earned.

Set Inventory Prices

Configure various inventory prices for different distributors and access reports with the Inventory Management module.

Gain BI Insights

The reporting and analytics module provides insights to sales personnel on the number and type of sales as well as customer onboarding details in various locations.

Simplify Distributor Operations

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Case Studies

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