Alepo Enterprise Self-Service (ESS) Portal

Document Overview

Alepo’s Enterprise Self-Service Portal is a convergent platform that equips next-generation private and legacy networks with B2B functionality. This product brief discusses how it enables operators to easily onboard and manage enterprise customers, while providing a digital platform to enterprises to control their multiple networks and connections.

Key Takeaways
  • Find out what makes the platform indispensable to manage SIM subscriptions, 5G use cases, IoT services, and policies for enterprise accounts
  • Understand its benefits for operators, such as lower overheads and operational costs, improved customer engagement, fewer disputes, and more
  • Know how enterprises benefit from the platform, such as streamlining administration, lowering costs, improving security, and more
  • Learn about the features and capabilities of the ESS Portal for operators as well as enterprises
  • Discover what types of enterprise customers can benefit from the platform
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