Eswatini Mobile overhauls its LTE network using Alepo Digital BSS

Case Study Overview

With its growing subscriber base, Eswatini Mobile faced frequent network disruptions and lags that impacted customer experience (CX) and increased churn. Committed to improving CX, the operator decided to migrate to Alepo’s flexible and stable Digital Business Support System (BSS), replacing its legacy SaaS BSS system.

This case study explains how the modernization project eliminated network issues, improving CX, lowering churn, and increasing revenue in three months.

Key Takeaways

Know more about Eswatini Mobile
The operator provides a range of prepaid and postpaid voice and data services in the Kingdom of Eswatini and has a fast-growing subscriber base.

Understand the operator’s requirements for the project
In addition to improving network performance and digitizing CX, Eswatini Mobile wanted to implement a platform that enables rapid offer creation and streamline management with a single-vendor environment. With growing network issues, the operator needed a swift and seamless migration to a new BSS without disruption or downtime for its existing services.

Gain insights into the features of Alepo’s solution
Alepo’s BSS Transformation helped Eswatini’s Mobile’s upgrade to an on-premise, single, convergent platform, migrating in phases from the operator’s multi-vendor environment. It included several customizations to accommodate the operator’s business requirements.

Understand the solution components and architecture
The solution includes partner management and settlement, roaming partner settlement, web and mobile self-care enabling digital-first CX, mediation system, and more.

Learn about the solution highlights
The project was completed remotely in record time, and a dedicated support team was assigned from Alepo’s internationally renowned GTAC to ensure smooth network operations. It enabled the introduction of custom features such as restricted access to VVIP subscriber profiles in Alepo CRM, advanced BI reporting, and much more.

Read about the business use cases it enables
Eswatini Mobile can now launch advanced plans, provide 24×7 customer support and self-care offerings, and more.

Know more about the successful outcomes of the project
Alepo tackled pandemic-related travel restrictions to complete the deployment remotely and swiftly. The project eliminated network disruptions and communication lags, implemented instant customer support, reduced churn, automate bill runs, and more.

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