Improve QoE with mobile network optimization

Analyst Brief Overview

To keep up with increasing data usage and evolving traffic demands, mobile network operators are changing their approach to network resource utilization. The ultimate objective is to deliver the best subscriber experience by optimizing their network infrastructure. Today, this means operators need to look beyond the network-element level. Instead, they must shift focus on assessing performance by gaining an end-to-end view of the network to measure and ultimately boost QoE.

This analyst brief discusses Alepo’s role in facilitating mobile operators to optimize network traffic management to improve QoE.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of the modern approach to network experience
Mobile operators are evolving their network optimization techniques to boost subscriber experience, embracing QoE-based optimization approaches such as measuring QoE at the application level, using real-time location-aware QoE data, and more.

Know the drivers and enablers for QoE-based optimization
Operators now have the tools to access, analyze, and use relevant and granular performance data. Further, having an end-to-end network view enables them to understand and quantify QoE and subsequently manage traffic.

Learn about Alepo’s PCRF role in boosting QoE
Alepo’s Policy Control and Rules Function (PCRF) bridges policy and QoE to drive network optimization.

Understand more about Alepo’s focus on improving service creation and monetization
An Alepo expert shares industry insights on subscriber experience, policy and charging, service monetization, advanced PCRF use cases, and much more.

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