Gain Expertise in Alepo Managed Services

Solution Brief Overview

Operators today face a host of challenges to meet evolving customer demands and provide competitive offerings while driving their own business success. To remain relevant, they need to deliver constant innovation. And to remain profitable, they need to work on lowering operational costs. Alepo’s Managed Services provides a complete collection of professional business and technical services that simplify daily operations and management of Alepo systems. This portfolio is designed to help operators free up their resources to focus on long-term success strategies.

Alepo’s industry-leading Managed Services simplify processes associated with the smooth running of Alepo’s systems, such as completing configurations, planning and managing changes, regular monitoring, and more. They help operators maximize their gains from Alepo’s carrier-grade products and solutions, leveraging Alepo’s in-house expertise to optimize crucial business and network functions.

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Key Takeaways

Understand Alepo’s approach to managed services
Alepo takes a holistic approach in planning a unique managed services strategy for every client. The process involves identifying key pain points, the most complex and time-consuming processes, and where the knowledge gaps lie. Alepo then creates a comprehensive package to complement and optimize the service provider’s existing resources, ensuring a cost-effective strategy.

Learn about the flexibility of the offerings
Alepo provides end-to-end management of Alepo products and services as well as individual functions, which can be in any combination depending on the service provider’s requirements.

Get an overview of Alepo’s Managed Services portfolio
Managed Services are available under different categories, including Preventative Management, Generic Services, Infrastructure Management, and Configuration and Change Management. Each category encompasses several sub-categories of services.

Take an in-depth look at each of the categories
Alepo’s preventive management services ensures constant monitoring, timely detection, and proactive action against potential threats, helping avoid major service disruptions. The 24x7x365 alarm monitoring helps ensure a rapid response to harmful issues. With performance monitoring, operators can identify potential service disruptions at the application level. The configuration and change management services help maximize the benefits of Alepo’s charging, billing, CRM, and policy management platforms. Understand the features of the many granular services available under each of these broad offerings.

Discover the benefits of Alepo’s offering
Alepo Managed Services help operators by reducing OPEX, boosting operational efficiency, lowering time-to-market for new offerings, and more.

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