Monetize International Data Roaming Using Alepo Solution

Solution Brief Overview

When travelling across international borders, mobile data subscribers want convenient and affordable ways to stay connected. They want to continue using their smartphones and mobile devices. But the fear of incurring high data roaming charges and bill shock stop them from using roaming data. Alepo’s Data Roaming solution helps operators address this issue, unlocking new revenue streams and boosting customer satisfaction.

This solution brief provides details on how Alepo’s Data Roaming solution empowers mobile network operators to monetize international data roaming opportunities. It provides a complete and self-contained ecosystem that doesn’t require any high-cost changes to existing mobile charging environments.

Key Takeaways

Know what factors to consider when selecting a data roaming monetization solution
A modern data roaming monetization platform helps operators gain market share, ARPU, and customer loyalty. It should ideally be easy to deploy, provide a rapid and flexible service creation environment, offer convenience for subscribers, and more.

Learn how Alepo’s Data Roaming solution enables and maximizes monetization
Alepo’s solution lets operators rapidly launch new business models without expensive replacements or changes to their existing mobile charging environments. It includes relevant market-ready use cases with a host of advanced modules and capabilities.

Gain insights into the solution’s features and benefits
Alepo’s platform includes payment gateway integration, notifications and usage alerts, an award-winning mobile companion app, and more.

Understand more about the use cases it enables
Alepo’s Data Roaming solution supports a host of use cases such as global data roaming passes, app-specific passes, region-specific rates, tiered services, tablet-only data passes, and much more.

Data Roaming Solution
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